About Us

Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society (SPBS) was founded by a group of dedicated SP students who wish to share the teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma) to the campus students in SP since 1966.

Since our  founding, SPBS has been devoting in understanding Buddhism as well as collaborating with other organizations of good will and involve in voluntary services.

Our Mission
To teach it's members Buddhism.

Our Vision
To be a place where members are spiritually developed through Buddhism.

Our Motto
The gift of truth excels all other gifts.

SPBS Today
We believe in learning through personal experience and involvement as the Dhamma or, Truth, is “to be seen by the wise himself.” For us, it is most regretting when members did not benefit from the Dhamma.

Do not hesitate to bring friends along, as Dhamma is applicable and beneficial to anyone, anywhere, regardless of race, language, or religion. We welcome anyone who is interested to know more about Dhamma to come and see.