16 October 2014

Last workshop volunteer @ rotary family centre

During the Wednesday night a few SPBS members volunteered themselves to help taking care of the children at the Clementi Family Service Centre. At 6.30 p.m. The volunteers were briefed and had light snacks before welcoming the parents and their children. The volunteers were split in two groups; one will be helping out the facilitation of the bento making activity while the other group will teach the children how to solve puzzles.
When the children arrived, we welcomed them with great hospitality and proceeded to know the names of the children and their hobbies. Then children were then divided into two groups and were led to two different rooms for the activities. The games provided by the puzzle solving group are ring puzzle, origami and rubrics cube. Our SPBS members tried out the ring puzzles beforehand and were pleasantly surprise at the simplicity of the puzzle design and yet complex in its solution.

Nonetheless, we mastered the puzzles and were able to teach the children to solve the puzzles as well.
On the other hand, some of our members have been tasked to take care of the children as they attempt to make their own bento boxes. It was a fairly challenging duty especially when the children are rowdy and they can make a pretty big mess if not careful. It was a fun experience as our members were able to get to know the children and in the process having fun with them as well.
It was a very rewarding journey and we learnt a lot, not just the ways to take care of children but also the responsibility of an elder person to the younger generation as well. We realized that young minds are malleable and we must exert care when interacting with them to bring out their very best.
Overall, it was a night filled with laughter and knowledge.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.
Pei Xiang

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