01 October 2014

Her first Rice Pagoda Day Experience

It was a very fulfilling day to Wat Palelai event for us, here are some accounts of what we have done there. It was Wat Palelai Rice Pagoda & Charity Day yesterday, the moment we stepped into the temple we realized we forgotten to buy offerings for the monks when we saw everyone was sitting with their offering a mat on the ground. We quickly head down to a convenient store to buy a few biscuits and drinks. During the offering, we didn’t know that there would be many monks and we had already offered all our alms to the first few monks, we felt so embarrassed to have nothing in our hands to offer when other monks and even our spiritual advisor walked by us. A lesson learnt, we should have divided the offerings into the amount enough for every monks who is walking by to collect. After the collection all the rice and provisions are distributed to various charity homes.   

After the offering of alms to the monks, everyone went into the main hall with a very huge pagoda build with packets of rice and we do the chanting of the Five Precepts and a lot others which I personally do not know how to chant them at all but I just followed with the crowd. We were given a an hour plus break after that and we went to explore the temple and we found a meditation hall with a very peaceful vibe and natural cooling air ventilation and we sat there for a long time just chatting.

As the bell chime, everyone gathered to an area few floors below the meditation hall to offer lunch to the Sangha. During the offering one of the monk talk to us about the cessation of sufferings. He emphasized to us that one of the causes of suffering is countless thoughts of the mind and that thinking too much and unnecessary would inevitably bring sufferings and that chanting actually helps to shift our attention away from the unwanted thoughts and stilling our active and scattered thoughts mind into wholeness. When we do, we will start to realized many things that we couldn’t see in the past when our mind aren’t whole and fully utilized due to our mind scattered attention and also detachment of unnecessary thoughts and prejudice we previously had that were interfering with our perception of events. He recommended us to do chanting every now and then when we can, we can also do so when doing things which does not required much thinking like our monotonous daily routines.


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