11 October 2014

After today's Paper

Hi everyone, I am Justin Leong and I am writing the review for today’s activity “The Test Day”, hope you guys will enjoy my review. So, I would like to start by asking everyone, what does Buddhism mean to you? In my opinion, Buddhism is a direction/guide for me as I live through various life situations and challenges. It is something that I can trust and will allow me to become a better person. For some, they would want to work hard and achieve the state of enlightenment, but what does enlightenment really means to each and everyone of you. True happiness? End of suffering? But isn’t this life? Life is meant for us to taste the various “tastes” of life – suffering, happiness, anger, sadness, etc. As what I’ve learnt today from our Senior Xin Hao, he said something about “perception”, that is why we have various schools for Buddhism. So, if everything lies in our perception, why can’t we see life as an enjoyment, an opportunity for us to experience the various “tastes”. Sometimes, suffering may not be a negative experience, we people went through suffering so that we can learnt and allow us to become stronger and better in various aspects. This is my perception of life and anyway I am not here to influence anybody but just sharing my point of view. So, as for today’s activity, we’ve taken a test which tested our knowledge regarding to Buddhism and through the detailed explanation from Senior Xin Hao I’ve learnt quite a lot like the diet of people who practice Buddhism and various causes bringing different effects. It is really a pity for those who didn’t attend today’s activity as I think it is really a valuable one. Thus, I hope there will be more of such interesting talks to educate us. Last but not least, I would like to thank Lee Xun for giving me the chance to write this review and Senior Xin Hao for teaching us a valuable lesson. With that, I wish everyone to be well and happy. J
Justin Leong

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