26 September 2014

3rd parenting workshop at rotary family centre as volunteers!

Hi all thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a blog post here =P

We had attended the 3rd parenting workshop out of 4 workshop and we had a great time volunteering at Clementi rotary Family Centre. Our task is basically taking care of the children when their parents attending the parenting workshop.

What flash across your mind when you think of volunteering?

They gave us a briefing before the event start. They told us the DOs and DON’Ts that a volunteer should take note with. They are actually quite serious with the clients and volunteers personal information. I just knew that we can’t take photo with the orphans when we volunteer at orphanage and post it on any social media platforms. I didn’t think of these things before and fortunately I didn’t do so last time when I went. That’s really important. They also gave us a foresee on what we may encounter as a volunteer whereby in most of the situations we need to act rationally but not only emotionally (even if u are pity on what had happened to them)

We get to know that some of these children are actually from broken family background. No doubt we are actually much more blessed than them. So BE GRATEFUL =)

So the event start and what happen was the children were given choices whether they want to learn origami, play games or watch movie. We get to know that the person who teach origami is actually a lecturer from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). At first there was nobody want to join the origami class and we felt so bad for the lecturer as he spent his valuable time volunteering here. How I wish I can join them! Most of the children want to play games *That’s expected*.

Lee Xun and I were in charge of the games room. At the beginning we gave them balls to play but after some time the scene was like uncontrollable. Hahaa. They start to sabo Lee Xun by throwing the balls to him *LOLLLL*. So ends up we kept all the balls quickly and put it to another room. So from today’s experience we know that we really need to learn how to deal with children! Hahaa!

This is what the lecturer did ------ Roses made from plastic bag! He told us this is actually SG flower that specially design for next year NDP when Singapore turns 50 years old!

Interested in joining us for volunteering events? Feel free to join us for the upcoming event which is on 14 OCT 2014 ! ^_^

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