11 May 2014


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A Buddhist Mother’s Day Celebration
First and foremost, I would like to wish all the mothers a happy and blissful Mother’s Day! Traditionally, people celebrate Mother’s Day with cards, flowers and gifts. But in Buddhism, we believe that the importance of mother outweighs all forms of celebration stated above.
In all honesty, we should make every day Mother’s day and treasure her well, adorn her with love and comfort as she has been the one looking after you ever since you was in her womb. If not for her (and of course our awesome father as well!), we won’t be who we are right now. Our parents fed us, care for us, prepare everything for us and sacrificed their personal life for the better living of the family.
In Buddhism, we emphasize a lot about the importance of parents. According to Buddha’s teachings, the kindness of parents is not easily repayable. In the Filial Piety Sutra, Buddha instructs his followers of the kindness of mother.

In The Sutra:
"There are ten types of kindnesses bestowed by the mother on the child.

1.  The kindness of providing protection and care while the child is in the womb.
      2. The kindness of bearing suffering during the birth.
      3. The kindness of forgetting all the pain once the child has been born.
      4. The kindness of eating the bitter herself and saving the sweet for the child.
      5. The kindness of moving the child to a dry place and lying in the wet herself.
      6. The kindness of suckling the child at her breast and nourishing and bringing up the    
       7. The kindness of washing away the unclean.
       8. The kindness of always thinking of the child when it has travelled far.
        9. The kindness of deep care and devotion.
      10. The kindness of ultimate pity and sympathy."
 As you can see, our mother has shown us a lot of kindness and care throughout our life, and has always been worrying about our safety and well-being. Let us be kind to our mother from now on, and always keep these thoughts in mind. Reflect on past mistakes that hurt our mother, and promise to cherish her like never before.

That’s all for our short write-up about Buddhism view towards Mother’s Day. We once again wish all mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day ahead!

Hope to see all of you soon,

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