16 October 2014

Last workshop volunteer @ rotary family centre

During the Wednesday night a few SPBS members volunteered themselves to help taking care of the children at the Clementi Family Service Centre. At 6.30 p.m. The volunteers were briefed and had light snacks before welcoming the parents and their children. The volunteers were split in two groups; one will be helping out the facilitation of the bento making activity while the other group will teach the children how to solve puzzles.
When the children arrived, we welcomed them with great hospitality and proceeded to know the names of the children and their hobbies. Then children were then divided into two groups and were led to two different rooms for the activities. The games provided by the puzzle solving group are ring puzzle, origami and rubrics cube. Our SPBS members tried out the ring puzzles beforehand and were pleasantly surprise at the simplicity of the puzzle design and yet complex in its solution.

Nonetheless, we mastered the puzzles and were able to teach the children to solve the puzzles as well.
On the other hand, some of our members have been tasked to take care of the children as they attempt to make their own bento boxes. It was a fairly challenging duty especially when the children are rowdy and they can make a pretty big mess if not careful. It was a fun experience as our members were able to get to know the children and in the process having fun with them as well.
It was a very rewarding journey and we learnt a lot, not just the ways to take care of children but also the responsibility of an elder person to the younger generation as well. We realized that young minds are malleable and we must exert care when interacting with them to bring out their very best.
Overall, it was a night filled with laughter and knowledge.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.
Pei Xiang

14 October 2014

Ulu Tiram trip : To santi forest

Today trip was started off with a ~18 seater mini bus and we were all sleeping off at our trip there as all of us were very tired very tired. (got the earliest waking up of all activity award today 4am meet up)
When I reached there, my first impression of it was scary because our bus is moving into a very rural villiage and it is going in to a more rural place inside the rural villiage. Imagine a mini bus going through a path with no road lights around and there is no one on the surrounding early in the morning when the sun has not yet risen around 5am its creepy right? 
But when we reaching santi forest, my impression changed a little bit as I start to see a huge plot of land filled with many tourist bus and cars ( imagine a soccer court filled with vehicles, yeah that much). I was surprised because I thought it is somewhere isolated to the point where the monks have to build roads to join up the path to the rural villiage ( I heard its because there’s a monk who wish to go to the forest with no people around and do his own training there so he went to santi forest) but it really surprised me with the number of people whos so dedicated to come from different part of Malaysia and other neighbouring countries that will take like more than 6 hours of travelling trip by bus to come here? Wow

Its around 6am in the morning we started by having our breakfast there. Ehhh buffet breakfast to be exact. There are 71 stalls there with different food of different culture there and it is all FREE! Its really like an internation street food buffet to me. I heard those food stores are set up voluntarily by lay people and some are stalls their supporters had bought it for a day so everyone can eat their food for free.

We went to put our food offering after that. And wow! Its totally different scale compared to what we can see in sinapore. The offerings were all put on the floor to form a row of line and its so long to the point where we have to walk for like 20 minutes to see the end of the line from the start!

The monks took about an hour to receive all the offerings from the lay people (LOL)
We went to the main shrine after that as we were told to gather there for the main event of the day. We had to do some chantings with the monks there and  kathina ceremony after that.

our afternoon street food buffet after the ceremony  (yep all for free! many more but too full to try all)

We also got some books to add into our SPBS library. I would recommend " 16 predictions of the Buddha" which is a book contains some forecast by the buddha. Some of the forecast he made can be seen in today's world. One of it was about people getting married and start a family in their young age. (To people that live 2500 years ago may find it ridiculous but in modern days....) If anyone interest in any of the book you can contact me ^^

With Metta,
Lee Xun

11 October 2014

After today's Paper

Hi everyone, I am Justin Leong and I am writing the review for today’s activity “The Test Day”, hope you guys will enjoy my review. So, I would like to start by asking everyone, what does Buddhism mean to you? In my opinion, Buddhism is a direction/guide for me as I live through various life situations and challenges. It is something that I can trust and will allow me to become a better person. For some, they would want to work hard and achieve the state of enlightenment, but what does enlightenment really means to each and everyone of you. True happiness? End of suffering? But isn’t this life? Life is meant for us to taste the various “tastes” of life – suffering, happiness, anger, sadness, etc. As what I’ve learnt today from our Senior Xin Hao, he said something about “perception”, that is why we have various schools for Buddhism. So, if everything lies in our perception, why can’t we see life as an enjoyment, an opportunity for us to experience the various “tastes”. Sometimes, suffering may not be a negative experience, we people went through suffering so that we can learnt and allow us to become stronger and better in various aspects. This is my perception of life and anyway I am not here to influence anybody but just sharing my point of view. So, as for today’s activity, we’ve taken a test which tested our knowledge regarding to Buddhism and through the detailed explanation from Senior Xin Hao I’ve learnt quite a lot like the diet of people who practice Buddhism and various causes bringing different effects. It is really a pity for those who didn’t attend today’s activity as I think it is really a valuable one. Thus, I hope there will be more of such interesting talks to educate us. Last but not least, I would like to thank Lee Xun for giving me the chance to write this review and Senior Xin Hao for teaching us a valuable lesson. With that, I wish everyone to be well and happy. J
Justin Leong

01 October 2014

Her first Rice Pagoda Day Experience

It was a very fulfilling day to Wat Palelai event for us, here are some accounts of what we have done there. It was Wat Palelai Rice Pagoda & Charity Day yesterday, the moment we stepped into the temple we realized we forgotten to buy offerings for the monks when we saw everyone was sitting with their offering a mat on the ground. We quickly head down to a convenient store to buy a few biscuits and drinks. During the offering, we didn’t know that there would be many monks and we had already offered all our alms to the first few monks, we felt so embarrassed to have nothing in our hands to offer when other monks and even our spiritual advisor walked by us. A lesson learnt, we should have divided the offerings into the amount enough for every monks who is walking by to collect. After the collection all the rice and provisions are distributed to various charity homes.   

After the offering of alms to the monks, everyone went into the main hall with a very huge pagoda build with packets of rice and we do the chanting of the Five Precepts and a lot others which I personally do not know how to chant them at all but I just followed with the crowd. We were given a an hour plus break after that and we went to explore the temple and we found a meditation hall with a very peaceful vibe and natural cooling air ventilation and we sat there for a long time just chatting.

As the bell chime, everyone gathered to an area few floors below the meditation hall to offer lunch to the Sangha. During the offering one of the monk talk to us about the cessation of sufferings. He emphasized to us that one of the causes of suffering is countless thoughts of the mind and that thinking too much and unnecessary would inevitably bring sufferings and that chanting actually helps to shift our attention away from the unwanted thoughts and stilling our active and scattered thoughts mind into wholeness. When we do, we will start to realized many things that we couldn’t see in the past when our mind aren’t whole and fully utilized due to our mind scattered attention and also detachment of unnecessary thoughts and prejudice we previously had that were interfering with our perception of events. He recommended us to do chanting every now and then when we can, we can also do so when doing things which does not required much thinking like our monotonous daily routines.


26 September 2014

3rd parenting workshop at rotary family centre as volunteers!

Hi all thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a blog post here =P

We had attended the 3rd parenting workshop out of 4 workshop and we had a great time volunteering at Clementi rotary Family Centre. Our task is basically taking care of the children when their parents attending the parenting workshop.

What flash across your mind when you think of volunteering?

They gave us a briefing before the event start. They told us the DOs and DON’Ts that a volunteer should take note with. They are actually quite serious with the clients and volunteers personal information. I just knew that we can’t take photo with the orphans when we volunteer at orphanage and post it on any social media platforms. I didn’t think of these things before and fortunately I didn’t do so last time when I went. That’s really important. They also gave us a foresee on what we may encounter as a volunteer whereby in most of the situations we need to act rationally but not only emotionally (even if u are pity on what had happened to them)

We get to know that some of these children are actually from broken family background. No doubt we are actually much more blessed than them. So BE GRATEFUL =)

So the event start and what happen was the children were given choices whether they want to learn origami, play games or watch movie. We get to know that the person who teach origami is actually a lecturer from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). At first there was nobody want to join the origami class and we felt so bad for the lecturer as he spent his valuable time volunteering here. How I wish I can join them! Most of the children want to play games *That’s expected*.

Lee Xun and I were in charge of the games room. At the beginning we gave them balls to play but after some time the scene was like uncontrollable. Hahaa. They start to sabo Lee Xun by throwing the balls to him *LOLLLL*. So ends up we kept all the balls quickly and put it to another room. So from today’s experience we know that we really need to learn how to deal with children! Hahaa!

This is what the lecturer did ------ Roses made from plastic bag! He told us this is actually SG flower that specially design for next year NDP when Singapore turns 50 years old!

Interested in joining us for volunteering events? Feel free to join us for the upcoming event which is on 14 OCT 2014 ! ^_^

With metta,


20 August 2014

Thanks for those who had joined me to today's workshop as volunteer Your help is really appreciated :) I hope those who attended have gained somethings from it as well as meeting new friends today. SPBS will create more such opportunity to develop our member's wholesome compassion in helping the community as well as other essential life skills such as leadership skills, public speaking as well as problem solving skills. And of course as a buddhist society, there must be some dharma teaching elements in today's activity as well. I hope the action and passion to the community through doing volunteering work will help you gain some good karma be it short term or long term :)
With Metta,
Lee Xun

03 August 2014

Join us as a volunteer

Join us as a volunteer at rotary family service centre to take care of children of age 1-14 and play games with them on 19 august 2014 from 6-9.30 pm :) Do sign yourself up at the link below if you are interested
Link :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RducFn0mRMBZH_7lSlUmCcGBNyUVqiCtlBeGVvGuPWo/viewform?usp=send_form
Lee Xun

06 July 2014

Asalha Puja Day

Hi all, we will be visiting Wat Paleila Temple this coming friday(11/7/14) from 6-7.30pm  as it is one of a key dates on buddhist calendar.Asalha Puja Day is one of the most sacred days in Buddhism. It is observed on the fifteenth day of the waxing moon of the eight lunar month (July).  Asalha Puja Day is the anniversary of the day on which Lord Buddha delivered his first Sermon to his five Disciples at the Deer Park in Benares, over two thousand five hundred years ago. The day also marks the beginning of the worship of the Triple Gems, namely: the Lord Buddha, His Teachings and His Disciples.
The Buddhist Lent starts on the first day of the waning moon of the eighth lunar month. The tradition of Buddhist Lent or the annual three-month Rains Retreat, known in Thai as "PHUN SAA", dates back to the time of early Buddhism in ancient India. All holy men, mendicants and sages spent three months of the annual rainy season in permanent dwellings. They avoided unnecessary travel during this period when crops were still new for fear they might accidentally step on young plants. In deference to popular opinion, Lord Buddha decreed that his followers should also abide by this ancient tradition, and they began to gather in-groups of simple dwellings.

Programme includes chanting, observing the 5 precepts and candle light circumbulation
For those who are interested to join us, Sign up here !

With Metta,
Lee Xun

Karaniya Metta Sutta

Hi all, for this comming tuesday session, it will include a short lecture regarding Metta sutta. Heres the link to the lecture note : https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/s/9C33C0594ED14D2A92321969182C86E4Y
Do bring a copy of it (put in your phone ipad or laptop or something )
With metta
Lee Xun

05 July 2014

Meditation Objective

Hi guys,I just wanna share a video with all of you reading this. This video is not fully buddhist related thing but involve study of meditators. So here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE1j5Om7g0U 
Meditation have becoming popular and there's is a sharp increase in number of buddhist in the west. One reason might be the increasing number of neuron scientist/researchers researching about if what has been said by the buddha 2500 years ago was true and most of the results actually backs what the buddha had said.  Hope this video give you new insights regarding how meditation change you and  motivation to practice meditation regularly :)
With metta
Lee Xun

27 June 2014

Weekly Meditation Resume

Welcome back !
Our weekly Tuesday Meditation session will resume next week (1st july)
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 5.30 PM till  END
Venue: SPBS clubroom
We look forward to see you!
 Alumnis/ SPBS Graduates Are Welcome too! Just send a message to me (Lee Xun) If you wish to join us

Lee Xun 


Hi all,
We have been practicing dharma through meditation every week. So why meditate?
According to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), showed people who meditate have bigger brains (known as neuroplasticity) and stronger connections between different parts of the brain.
Not only that, meditation evokes the ’relaxation response’, lowering heart rate and boosting the immune system. This eases heart disease, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Also, meditation reduces the length of time to sleep for people suffering from insomnia, according to research by Stanford Medical Centre.
In summary, meditation showed measurable improvements in our body, such health benefits, ability to solve complex problems and enhances will-power. These are certainly useful to students as many of us often face difficulties in studying.
Lastly, meditation is completely FREE! It requires no equipment and is easy. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and isn’t time consuming (15-20 min. per day is good). With such a huge list of benefits, the question you should ask yourself is, “Why am I not meditating yet?”
So stop procrastinating and take action now!

Taken from : http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/how-10-minutes-meditation-day-1822574

13 May 2014


Hey everyone!! Do you know that the Vesak Day is one of the most significant dates in the Buddhist calendar because it commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha? (Well, now you know)

So how's your Vesak day going? Well, for those who went with us to Poh Ming Tse, it certainly was enriching and fun!! I enjoyed myself and I hope you do too :)

Below are some pictures we took today! Have fun :D

Waiting to "Bathe the Buddha"

Members of SPBS "Bathing the Buddha"

Nice shot at Poh Ming Tse!

Wooh! Finally under the shade at Botanic Garden! 
(After so many failed attempts of "jump-shots", we decided that this was the best HAHAHA)


12 May 2014

Leadership Training Programme

Topic : Outstanding Leader as a buddhist
Date 14 june 2014
Time 9.30am to 4.00 pm
A Leadership Training Programme conducted byTan Chande Meng ( google pioneer & author of search inside yourself) which aims to train youths and equip them with skills of a prospective leader. The fee of $8 dollar will be waived so for those who are interested, you can register yourself at the link below

11 May 2014


Hey everyone! :D

A Buddhist Mother’s Day Celebration
First and foremost, I would like to wish all the mothers a happy and blissful Mother’s Day! Traditionally, people celebrate Mother’s Day with cards, flowers and gifts. But in Buddhism, we believe that the importance of mother outweighs all forms of celebration stated above.
In all honesty, we should make every day Mother’s day and treasure her well, adorn her with love and comfort as she has been the one looking after you ever since you was in her womb. If not for her (and of course our awesome father as well!), we won’t be who we are right now. Our parents fed us, care for us, prepare everything for us and sacrificed their personal life for the better living of the family.
In Buddhism, we emphasize a lot about the importance of parents. According to Buddha’s teachings, the kindness of parents is not easily repayable. In the Filial Piety Sutra, Buddha instructs his followers of the kindness of mother.

In The Sutra:
"There are ten types of kindnesses bestowed by the mother on the child.

1.  The kindness of providing protection and care while the child is in the womb.
      2. The kindness of bearing suffering during the birth.
      3. The kindness of forgetting all the pain once the child has been born.
      4. The kindness of eating the bitter herself and saving the sweet for the child.
      5. The kindness of moving the child to a dry place and lying in the wet herself.
      6. The kindness of suckling the child at her breast and nourishing and bringing up the    
       7. The kindness of washing away the unclean.
       8. The kindness of always thinking of the child when it has travelled far.
        9. The kindness of deep care and devotion.
      10. The kindness of ultimate pity and sympathy."
 As you can see, our mother has shown us a lot of kindness and care throughout our life, and has always been worrying about our safety and well-being. Let us be kind to our mother from now on, and always keep these thoughts in mind. Reflect on past mistakes that hurt our mother, and promise to cherish her like never before.

That’s all for our short write-up about Buddhism view towards Mother’s Day. We once again wish all mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day ahead!

Hope to see all of you soon,

07 May 2014

Seminar 21/5/14

Hi all, There is a seminar conducted by Sik Chuan Guan  (Venerable) a Spiritual Advisor from KMSPKS Dharma Propagation Division. He will be comming down to SP and have a discussion with us 

Topic : How to study effectively and score!!!
Date: 21.5.14
Location : Our Clubroom
To those who are interested, do sign up  by clicking the link below .Feel free to contact me ( Lee Xun) if you have any enquires. Thankyou

30 April 2014

Welcome Party!

Hello everyone!

SP Buddhist Society is having a Welcome Party for all students in SP, be it freshies, year 2s or year 3s.
Venue: SPBS ClubRoom
Date: 7 May 2014, Wednesday
Time: 3- 6pm

Come join us for a wonderful afternoon with games, fun and more! Hope to see you there! Alumnis,Grads and non SPBS members do send me a message if you are comming . Thanks!

Drop us an email @ spbs.sss@gmail.com or message me (Lee Xun) for more information.

Lee Xun

25 April 2014

CCA SignUp!

Hi all
For those who are interested in signing up SPBS as your CCA, Click on the link below to signup

23 April 2014

2558 Vesak Day

Poh Ming Tse Temple is having an event on vesak day, 13 may 2014. Event includes meditation, teaching and reciting. For people who are interested in this event, please sign up ur interest in the link below, we will contact you with details personally.
Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1m4k2OjiEIWfdp1IFFTvwAgmUoY-VS5GThDjTGYhDwS8/viewform?usp=send_form

Volunteering event at KMSPKS

KMSPKS is having an event from 3rd to 4th may and we are sending our people to help out as volunteers.
For those who are interested in helping out with the event, you can sign up at the link attached below. 

Event Details : 
Meeting place Bishan Mrt station
Date: 3rd and 4th may

21 April 2014

CCA Carnival Booth

For People who are interested in helping out with the CCA Carnival Booth, please submit this form with details and available timeslot to us.
Link to the form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1d320pzwYpBGHXE1ixz4I_pyhtOuk5ifB9DZesVaXOC4/viewform?usp=send_form

20 April 2014

For Freshies

Are you freshies that is interest in our club? Simply put your name and details here and we will contact you shortly and give you a SPBS Tour!

Weekly Meditation

Weekly Meditation will resume right after the week after vesak day which is 
Date : 19 May 2014
Time :5pm
Location : Clubroom

Lee Xun

Term 1

Hi guys,
Hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday. This year's CCA Carnival is on 28-30 April from 9am-6pm.
 We would like to invite everyone which includes members of SPBS, the Alumni and any friends of SPBS to visit our booth. The location would be at the SP Plaza. Feel free to contact me if you have any enquires!

Lee Xun

02 January 2014

Tuesday Meditation Resume

Welcome back to the second semester of the AY 2013/2014!
Our weekly Tuesday Meditation session will resume next week (7 February)
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 5.00 PM till  END
Venue: SPBS clubroom
We look forward to see you!