22 September 2011

Kathina Day at Santi Forest Monastery

Hi everyone! 
Kathina is a Buddhist festival which comes at the end of Vassa, the three-month rainy season retreat for Buddhists.
The season during which a monastery may hold a 'Kathina' festival is one month long, beginning after the full moon of the eleventh month in the 
Lunar calendar (usually October).

It is a time of giving, for the laity to express gratitude to monks. Lay Buddhists bring donations to temples, especially new robes for the monks.


SPBS will be celebrating Kathina Day this coming 16 October.
Kathina day is a very special event for everyone in SPBS.
So your attendance is important!

Detail of the event:
Date: 15/10/2011(Saturday) – 16/10/2011 (Sunday)
Time: 1100hr. (15/10/2011) – 1400hr (16/10/2011)
 Santi Forest Monastery
Lot 1413, Jalan Ponorogo,
Batu 18 1/2 Kampung Sungai Tiram,
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia

For our past experience, it is very enriching and good experiencing of forest monastery life.
We hope you can attend with us and had a good experience of monastery life, lastly to bound with us !
Please reply your attendance ASAP by 27th of September as we need to book the transportation to there.

Ahpa Sae Yeoh
46th Council
e-mail: spbs.sss@gmail.com

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