03 September 2011

Buddhist 8 Precepts Retreat + Rice Pagoda Day‏

Hello everybody!

We have a 6-day retreat coming up from the
 2nd Oct to 7th Oct next coming month @ Santi Forest Monastery, Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia. The purpose of this retreat is to let us understand and observe the Buddhist 8 precepts. Coming to this retreat also provides an opportunity for participants to know more about monastic life in the forest.

The Buddhist 8 precepts:
1.To refrain from taking life
2.To refrain from taking that which is not given (not committing theft)
3.To refrain from sensual (including sexual) misconduct
4.To refrain from lying (speaking truth always)
5.To refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness (specifically, drugs and alcohol)
6. To refrain from eating at the wrong time (only eat from sunrise to noon)
7. To refrain from dancing and playing music, wearing jewelry and cosmetics, attending shows and other performances
8. To refrain from using high or luxurious seats and bedding

Besides that, we also have another event coming up earlier, on 
25th Sept (sunday) @ Wat Palelai Buddhist Temple, Singapore. This event is called Rice Pagoda Day from 8.30am to 3.30pm. The purpose of this event held by Wat Palelai is to donate rice to the needy and to help the temple itself.

Please reply ASAP because we need to arrange for transport to Malaysia.

For more info, please contact us @ spbs.sss@gmail.com

Publications Secretary,
De Xuan.

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