28 May 2011

SP Buddhist Society Freshmen Orientation Camp 2011 (non-overnight)

Hello everyone!

It's the SPBS Freshmen Orientation Camp 2011 on 5-6th June (next weekend)!

Camp details:
Meeting venue: T1562
Meeting time: 9.30am
Attire: Sports attire/casual wear
Things to bring: water bottle, personal medication (if any), pens, and notebook.

Come join us to have loads of fun, play interactive games with your fellow club mates and learn more about Buddhism in an interesting way.

The cost of the camp is totally FREE! There will be a free club shirt given out at the end of the camp.

This camp has been changed to a day camp (non-overnight) due to security reasons imposed by the school.

Please submit your indemnity form to Ahpa Saeyeoh before Wednesday, or not you can slot in your forms under our club door @ our clubroom SDC level 3 room #132

Hope you guys can come for the camp! ^^

You can contact us @ spbs.sss@gmail.com if you have any enquiries 

Publications Secretary
De Xuan

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