17 May 2011

Happy Vesak Day!

SPBS wishes everyone a  Happy Vesak Day!

Visākha Pūjā, commonly known as “Vesak Day” falls on a full moon day of May.

Followers of Lord Buddha will come together to recollect and commemorate the 3 key events in Lord Buddha’s life that took place on this full moon day: his Birth, Awakening and Parinibbāna.

Visākha Pūjā Reflection:

This is the day to honor the greatness of Lord Buddha, commemorating his Birth, Awakening and Parinibbāna. Besides offering flowers, incense and light, the eight precepts are observed instead of the usual five precepts. Lord Buddha has said in the Mahā Parinibbāna Sutta, those who practise and live according to his teachings, offer him the highest homage, highest respect. This is the time where a follower of the Buddha puts in extra effort in their practice i.e. Dāna (Generosity), Sīla (Virtue), Bhāvana (Cultivation).

The life story of Lord Buddha reflects his core message to the world, constantly reminding us to strive for liberation from aging, illness and death in the rounds of endless rebirth, by the path he has rediscovered. We should be reminded that we have yet to end our own suffering and thus we should make earnest effort to strive hard in accordance to the Buddha’s teaching – Sīla(Virtue), Samādhi(Concentration), Paññā(Wisdom).

With our practice, we offer the highest homage to Lord Buddha.

May we attain Nibbāna! May the true Dhamma last long!

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