28 May 2011

SP Buddhist Society Freshmen Orientation Camp 2011 (non-overnight)

Hello everyone!

It's the SPBS Freshmen Orientation Camp 2011 on 5-6th June (next weekend)!

Camp details:
Meeting venue: T1562
Meeting time: 9.30am
Attire: Sports attire/casual wear
Things to bring: water bottle, personal medication (if any), pens, and notebook.

Come join us to have loads of fun, play interactive games with your fellow club mates and learn more about Buddhism in an interesting way.

The cost of the camp is totally FREE! There will be a free club shirt given out at the end of the camp.

This camp has been changed to a day camp (non-overnight) due to security reasons imposed by the school.

Please submit your indemnity form to Ahpa Saeyeoh before Wednesday, or not you can slot in your forms under our club door @ our clubroom SDC level 3 room #132

Hope you guys can come for the camp! ^^

You can contact us @ spbs.sss@gmail.com if you have any enquiries 

Publications Secretary
De Xuan

21 May 2011

Getting in touch with the Buddha

The Buddha is the refuge for all Buddhists. The medicine that he offered cures our sickness completely such that pain will never come back again.

His teachings and guidance are what we need in order to overcome problems so that we can truly be at ease in life and brighten up our hearts forever.

Who is the Buddha? What's so great about Him? What did He taught?

You will be guided step by step by the hands of Phra Xin Hao Sīladharo and reach the end of all doubts and worries.

Please meet at 6.30pm at SP Main Library's entrance. We will be having this session at Group Viewing Room in Main Library Level 2A.

Members can bring along dana (offering) items as well.
[Note: Only dry food,drinks and daily necessity]

For any enquiries, please contact us at spbs.sss@gmail.com

Thank you and see you there! :)

Publications Secretary,
De Xuan

17 May 2011

Happy Vesak Day!

SPBS wishes everyone a  Happy Vesak Day!

Visākha Pūjā, commonly known as “Vesak Day” falls on a full moon day of May.

Followers of Lord Buddha will come together to recollect and commemorate the 3 key events in Lord Buddha’s life that took place on this full moon day: his Birth, Awakening and Parinibbāna.

Visākha Pūjā Reflection:

This is the day to honor the greatness of Lord Buddha, commemorating his Birth, Awakening and Parinibbāna. Besides offering flowers, incense and light, the eight precepts are observed instead of the usual five precepts. Lord Buddha has said in the Mahā Parinibbāna Sutta, those who practise and live according to his teachings, offer him the highest homage, highest respect. This is the time where a follower of the Buddha puts in extra effort in their practice i.e. Dāna (Generosity), Sīla (Virtue), Bhāvana (Cultivation).

The life story of Lord Buddha reflects his core message to the world, constantly reminding us to strive for liberation from aging, illness and death in the rounds of endless rebirth, by the path he has rediscovered. We should be reminded that we have yet to end our own suffering and thus we should make earnest effort to strive hard in accordance to the Buddha’s teaching – Sīla(Virtue), Samādhi(Concentration), Paññā(Wisdom).

With our practice, we offer the highest homage to Lord Buddha.

May we attain Nibbāna! May the true Dhamma last long!

15 May 2011

Vesak Day Celebration

Hello everyone!

As you know Vesak Day is just around the corner, SP Buddhist Society is having a vesak Day event at Wat Palelai join us to commemorate this special day together!

Date: 17th May, Tues
Time: 8am to 3pm
Venue: Wat Palelai Buddhist Temple (Bedok walk)
Things to bring: Daily necessities and dried food such as toothbrush, soap, razor, rice, pasta, instant coffee etc

We will meet at 8am at Tanah Merah MRT station. The offering session starts at 8.30am so please be punctual. CCA points will be awarded. You can bring your friends along too!

If there is any question, feel free to contact us:


Thanks and hope to see you there! ^^

Publications Secretary,
De Xuan

06 May 2011

Welcome Party on 14th May 2011

Hello everyone!

SP Buddhist Society is having a Welcome Party for all students in SP, be it freshies, year 2s or year 3s.
Venue: InnoVillage Event Space 1
Date: 14th May 2011, Saturday
Time: 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Come join us for a wonderful afternoon with games, fun and more! Hope to see you there!

Drop us an email @ spbs.sss@gmail.com for more information.