20 November 2010


“Restraint with the body is good,

Good is restraint with speech

Restraint with the heart is good

Good is restraint everywhere.

Restrained everywhere,


One is said to be protected.”

- SN III.5

09 November 2010

SP Buddhist Society Day is coming!!!

45th Anniversary of SPBS
The SPBS will be celebrating on 20th Nov 2010 for the 45th anniversary. We will be spending a very meaningful time together by doing "school dana" and having Dhamma talk by invited Bhante.

Something to take note:
Venue: Singapore Poly T1751
Time: 9.30 - 10am (For registration)
Dress Code: SPBS BLUE T-shirt
PLEASE bring along dana item*

*Dana items are for "school dana" for our invited Bhante on that day
CCA points will be awarded for your attendence.

07 November 2010

Go Go Workshop

Hey there,

There will be a workshop that function as an intro for Dhamma Group and Recreation Group on the coming week. There will be a lot of interactive games on that day and the workshop will be at Botanic Garden!

The details are as below:
Fees: $0
Venue: Gather at Tiong Bahru MRT
Date : 13 Nov 2010
Time: 9.30am
Things To Bring: Extra clothes

We welcome all 1st yr to 3rd yr SPBS members to attend the workshop. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Feel free to drop an email@spbs.sss@gmail.com if you have any enquiry.

*Please wear Clubshirt(Blue Colour) on that day
*Have a sufficient rest the day before the event