19 October 2010

New Updates of 2010 Kathina Day

Hello SPBS

For this coming Sat(23rd) our trip to Santi Forest Monastery to Sun (24oct) detail as follow;

23rd Oct:
11.00am: Kranji MRT station at
12pm:Setting off to Johor Bahru
till 4.45pm: Arrive at Tebrau city jusco (Free and easy)
(Purchase Dana thing)(Dinner) : Set off to Santi Monastery: 5pm
6pm: Arrive Santi(Put Down Bags)(Spray Insect Repellant)(Pay Respects)
8pm: Short Dhamma session by Bhante
10pm: Light off

3am: Mediation session with Ajhan Keng at Main shrine
6am:Morning chanting at Main shrine
7am: Breakfast
8am: Pindapata (Alms round)
9.30am: Chanting session at main shrine
Requesting for 3 Refuges & 5 Precepts
Asking of forgiveness from Sangha
Offering of Kathina robes to Sangha
Offering of Requisites to Sangha
Cutting & Sewing of Kathina Robes: Offering of food to the Sangha
Blessing & Sharing of Merits
10.30am: Lunch
12.30pm: Dhamma Talk
2.30pm:Leaving Santi

Things To Bring
Money (RM50 -100)
Personal Medication (If Any)
Small Umbrella
Towel (If you want to bath)
1 T-Shirt (If you want to change clothes)
1 Long Pants or Bermudas (If you want to change clothes)
Sleeping bag

Dress Code
1. No Shorts or sleeveless clothes
2. Bermudas is ok
3. Slippers or Sandals is most recommended (as removing of shoes is a frequent thing to do)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry at 9622 4813
We have 5 more seats available. Please call me if you want it!

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