16 October 2010

SPBS Group Announcement

Dear all year 1 to year 3 SPBS members,

The new academic term going start soon and SPBS Group welcome you to join in and have lotsa new experience and wonderful memory. SPBS Group consists of 3 groups that are Dhamma Group, Community Service and Welfare Group, last but not least Recreation and Social Group. Those who interested to join SPBS Group feel free to drop us an email@ spbs.sss@gmail.com with your details such as Name,NRIC,Contact Numbers,Email Address and Group Selection*.

*Group Selection Example:

1)Community Service and Welfare Group
2)Dhamma Group
3)Recreation and Social Group

P/S: Those who register early will get their priority choice while those who register later on and if the group reach the maximum amount of participants, they will be assigned to other group based on the sequences of their choices.

The deadlines of the registration: 24/10/2010

Look foward to see you all soon!

May you all be well and happy~~!

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