28 September 2010

SPBS Community Service 30Sep2010 (Volunteer needed)!

Hi SPBS! :)

We will be having a Community service project which will require lots of manpower to run this project.

Here is the centre that we are helping in. Sarah SAC http://www.pcs.org.sg/elderlycare.html

We require volunteers to help them in re-registration for the unit in Jalan Bukit Merah block 105 and 106 which consists 200 over units!
Every year, Sarah SAC need to update their resident(elderly) list in order for them to serve these one room flag elderly better.

Interested please fill in below information and send it to me.

I have set dates and shift time slots, I will be there throughout this project.

Briefing will be given to volunteers, tag will be given on that day for identity purpose.

Date: 30sep 2010 (Thursday)
Time Slots: 9am -1pm (Morning shift)
2pm - 6pm (afternoon shift)
6pm-9pm (night shift)
* I will be meeting the morning shift people at 8.15am at Tiong Baru MRT station.
The rest of the shift, you may take 195 or 123 opp Tiong Baru Plaza bus stop , alight 2 stops after boarding the bus.

Interested to help in any shift please reply
Full name:
Contact no.:
Email address:
Shift interested:
Language spoken:
Spoken dialects:

If you are interested please drop me a email or may you have any enquiry please contact me at 9622 4813. Thank you so much for reading my mail:) Huiting

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