06 July 2010

Daily Duty for SPBS Clubroom
The management council would like to announce on the new daily duty of our clubroom.The rooster should be release on 28th June (first day of school), but due to our busy schedule, we have to make a delay. We seek for your apologise.
The clubroom will be open to all SPBS members and those who feel interested of Buddha's teaching. There are various books and board games in our clubroom to spend with you.

Weekly Activity

  • This is just a reminder that we do have activity holding every Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • For Tuesday, we will do meditation as one,together with our alumni.
  • For Wednesday,we have dhamma sharing section together with senior members of SPBS. (Note that Wednesday activity will only hold every 2 weeks)

05 July 2010

Regards on Attendence for coming event


All SPBS members and alumni. On the 26th July 2010, we are inviting all of you to our coming event: Asalha Pujha. Lets us all celebrate of the Buddha's first sermon in which is set out to his five former associates the doctrine that had come to him following his enlightenment.
Please kindly confirm your attendence with us. This is to make any more convinience for our preparation for Asalha Pujha. All SPBS members, please provide reply to the following detail below to Bing Huang:
  1. Send via e-mail: electricaltbh@hotmail.com
  2. Send via mobile(SMS): 93689666
Please do provide the following details:
  1. Name
  2. Admission number
  3. School

The submission must be sent before 11th July 2010.We seek for your cooperation.

There will be more information regarding the event:Asalha Pujha be provide in the next few days.We looking forward for your participation. Thank you