27 June 2010

First activity with our freshmen 2010

Brothers and sisters of SPBS!
On the 29th June, there will be a meditation section. As this is our first activity with the fresh new member, we hope all members shall show support by attending with us and our seniors of SPBS.


  • T17 51
  • 6.30pm to 8pm
  • 29th June 2010 (Tuesday)

Short notice for all SPBS members
Hey brothers and sisters, YO! You guys are about to join one of the THREE GROUPS of SPBS
First, there will be three groups to choose......(apologize for the typo error in the message in facebook)
  1. Dhamma Group
  2. Community servive & Welfare Group
  3. Recreation & social Group

Purpose: allows each member to join a group base on their interest. Then, in each group, member shall come out with some idea and planning to implement to our club SPBS.

Please do register your details:

  1. name
  2. NIRC
  3. contact number
  4. gender

Finally email to spbs.sss@gmail.com

Registration end on 30th June 2010. We shall work more closely and cooperate with each other in the future and for the future of SPBS.