04 December 2010

Right Speech

“I will speak at the right time, not at the wrong time.”

“I will say what is factual, not what is not factual.”

“I will speak gently, not harshly.”

“I will say what is connected with the goal [the matter at hand], not what is unconnected to the goal [the matter at hand].”

“I will speak with an attitude of good will, and not with inner aversion.”

- Cullavagga IX.5.2

20 November 2010


“Restraint with the body is good,

Good is restraint with speech

Restraint with the heart is good

Good is restraint everywhere.

Restrained everywhere,


One is said to be protected.”

- SN III.5

09 November 2010

SP Buddhist Society Day is coming!!!

45th Anniversary of SPBS
The SPBS will be celebrating on 20th Nov 2010 for the 45th anniversary. We will be spending a very meaningful time together by doing "school dana" and having Dhamma talk by invited Bhante.

Something to take note:
Venue: Singapore Poly T1751
Time: 9.30 - 10am (For registration)
Dress Code: SPBS BLUE T-shirt
PLEASE bring along dana item*

*Dana items are for "school dana" for our invited Bhante on that day
CCA points will be awarded for your attendence.

07 November 2010

Go Go Workshop

Hey there,

There will be a workshop that function as an intro for Dhamma Group and Recreation Group on the coming week. There will be a lot of interactive games on that day and the workshop will be at Botanic Garden!

The details are as below:
Fees: $0
Venue: Gather at Tiong Bahru MRT
Date : 13 Nov 2010
Time: 9.30am
Things To Bring: Extra clothes

We welcome all 1st yr to 3rd yr SPBS members to attend the workshop. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Feel free to drop an email@spbs.sss@gmail.com if you have any enquiry.

*Please wear Clubshirt(Blue Colour) on that day
*Have a sufficient rest the day before the event

19 October 2010

New Updates of 2010 Kathina Day

Hello SPBS

For this coming Sat(23rd) our trip to Santi Forest Monastery to Sun (24oct) detail as follow;

23rd Oct:
11.00am: Kranji MRT station at
12pm:Setting off to Johor Bahru
till 4.45pm: Arrive at Tebrau city jusco (Free and easy)
(Purchase Dana thing)(Dinner) : Set off to Santi Monastery: 5pm
6pm: Arrive Santi(Put Down Bags)(Spray Insect Repellant)(Pay Respects)
8pm: Short Dhamma session by Bhante
10pm: Light off

3am: Mediation session with Ajhan Keng at Main shrine
6am:Morning chanting at Main shrine
7am: Breakfast
8am: Pindapata (Alms round)
9.30am: Chanting session at main shrine
Requesting for 3 Refuges & 5 Precepts
Asking of forgiveness from Sangha
Offering of Kathina robes to Sangha
Offering of Requisites to Sangha
Cutting & Sewing of Kathina Robes: Offering of food to the Sangha
Blessing & Sharing of Merits
10.30am: Lunch
12.30pm: Dhamma Talk
2.30pm:Leaving Santi

Things To Bring
Money (RM50 -100)
Personal Medication (If Any)
Small Umbrella
Towel (If you want to bath)
1 T-Shirt (If you want to change clothes)
1 Long Pants or Bermudas (If you want to change clothes)
Sleeping bag

Dress Code
1. No Shorts or sleeveless clothes
2. Bermudas is ok
3. Slippers or Sandals is most recommended (as removing of shoes is a frequent thing to do)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry at 9622 4813
We have 5 more seats available. Please call me if you want it!

16 October 2010

SPBS Group Announcement

Dear all year 1 to year 3 SPBS members,

The new academic term going start soon and SPBS Group welcome you to join in and have lotsa new experience and wonderful memory. SPBS Group consists of 3 groups that are Dhamma Group, Community Service and Welfare Group, last but not least Recreation and Social Group. Those who interested to join SPBS Group feel free to drop us an email@ spbs.sss@gmail.com with your details such as Name,NRIC,Contact Numbers,Email Address and Group Selection*.

*Group Selection Example:

1)Community Service and Welfare Group
2)Dhamma Group
3)Recreation and Social Group

P/S: Those who register early will get their priority choice while those who register later on and if the group reach the maximum amount of participants, they will be assigned to other group based on the sequences of their choices.

The deadlines of the registration: 24/10/2010

Look foward to see you all soon!

May you all be well and happy~~!

05 October 2010

2010 Kathina Day is coming!!

Hello all,

SPBS will be celebrating Kathina Day this coming 24 October.

Kathina day is a very special event for everyone in SPBS.
So your attendance is important!

Detail of the event:
Date: 23/10/2010 (Saturday) – 24/10/2010 (Sunday)
Time: 1100hr. (23/10/2010) – 1400hr (24/10/2010)
Venue: Santi Forest Monastery
Lot 1413, Jalan Ponorogo,
Batu 18 1/2 Kampung Sungai Tiram, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia

For our past experience, it is very enriching and good experiencing of forest monastery life. We hope you can attend with us and had a good experience of monastery life, lastly to bound with us !

Please confirm your attendance with us by the end of 17 October 2010.You may call us or email us back for attendance or enquiry.

02 October 2010

16 Oct Dhamma talk session!

Dear Dhamma Brothers and Sisters,

Good News!

Venerable Thubten Chodron will be in Singapore from Oct 15 to Oct 26, 2010 to give Dhamma teachings! We SPBS will be joining this programme on 16 Oct 2010.

Programme details
Date/Time: Oct 16 (Sat)2pm - 3.30 pm
Topic: Dialogue with Buddhist Youth“Kalyana Mitrata – Spiritual Friendship”
Venue: Poh Ming Tse Temple

Please RSVP with us by 10Oct 2010.

We will meet at Clementi MRT Station at 1pm to go as a group:)

*Please remember to wear the blue colour club tee shirt on that day!! (Compulsory!)

There are other interesting programme too! Please feel free to ask for enquiry from us.

Information about speaker
Venerable Thubten Chodron travels worldwide to places in North America, Latin America, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and former communist countries teaching the Dharma to people from all walks of life. She makes the practical application of Buddha's teaching in our daily lives seem easy to do and she is especially skillful at explaining the Buddha Dhamma in a clear, simple and lucid manner. She is also well known amongst her lay students for her down-to-earth, warm and humourous manner.

28 September 2010

SPBS Community Service 30Sep2010 (Volunteer needed)!

Hi SPBS! :)

We will be having a Community service project which will require lots of manpower to run this project.

Here is the centre that we are helping in. Sarah SAC http://www.pcs.org.sg/elderlycare.html

We require volunteers to help them in re-registration for the unit in Jalan Bukit Merah block 105 and 106 which consists 200 over units!
Every year, Sarah SAC need to update their resident(elderly) list in order for them to serve these one room flag elderly better.

Interested please fill in below information and send it to me.

I have set dates and shift time slots, I will be there throughout this project.

Briefing will be given to volunteers, tag will be given on that day for identity purpose.

Date: 30sep 2010 (Thursday)
Time Slots: 9am -1pm (Morning shift)
2pm - 6pm (afternoon shift)
6pm-9pm (night shift)
* I will be meeting the morning shift people at 8.15am at Tiong Baru MRT station.
The rest of the shift, you may take 195 or 123 opp Tiong Baru Plaza bus stop , alight 2 stops after boarding the bus.

Interested to help in any shift please reply
Full name:
Contact no.:
Email address:
Shift interested:
Language spoken:
Spoken dialects:

If you are interested please drop me a email or may you have any enquiry please contact me at 9622 4813. Thank you so much for reading my mail:) Huiting

22 September 2010

2010 Rice Pagoda Day

Dear Bro/sister of the Dhamma,

This coming Sunday Palelai Buddhist Temple will be having their
Rice Pagoda Day & Charity event and SPBS will be supporting this event.

Donations can be made in cash or kind. Receipts will be issued for cash donations. The temple will be donating $10,000 to each of the 12 selected charity homes. Donated rice and provisions will be distributed to the various homes too.

The programme starts off: 9am Pindapata (Alms Round) in the temple compound.(Dried food or canned food /medicine), you may want to bring along your dana item or purchase at the market by 9am.

Time Activity
9.00 am Pindapata offering alms to monks
9.30 am President to light Candles and Joss-stick
Observing the Five Precepts, Chanting of Parittas
Offering of Rice to the Sangha.
Transference/Sharing of Merits
10.00 am Presentation of Cheques to Homes
11.00 am Dana (Offering of lunch) to the Sangha
1.00 pm Distribution of provisions to homes

Members or any first timer we never being there can meet our council at 8.30am at Tanah Merah MRT station
You may contact our president Andi at 83980876.
Or if you are driving the Address: 49 Bedok Walk, Singapore 469145

08 August 2010

Dhamma sharing in Traditional Ghost Festival

Hello Brother & Sisters

The hungry ghost festival is around the corner.We will be gathering and do dhamma sharing.One of the discussion of course will be ghost.What are they?How much do we know about these being?Have we really know had been staying within in our parallel dimension....

There will be serveral activities and games along to learn. Please confirm your attendance with me to this e-mail: electricaltbh@hotmail.com or go to our facebook group and respong our RSVP.

  1. Singapore Polytechinic T1751
  2. start from 2pm

06 July 2010

Daily Duty for SPBS Clubroom
The management council would like to announce on the new daily duty of our clubroom.The rooster should be release on 28th June (first day of school), but due to our busy schedule, we have to make a delay. We seek for your apologise.
The clubroom will be open to all SPBS members and those who feel interested of Buddha's teaching. There are various books and board games in our clubroom to spend with you.

Weekly Activity

  • This is just a reminder that we do have activity holding every Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • For Tuesday, we will do meditation as one,together with our alumni.
  • For Wednesday,we have dhamma sharing section together with senior members of SPBS. (Note that Wednesday activity will only hold every 2 weeks)

05 July 2010

Regards on Attendence for coming event


All SPBS members and alumni. On the 26th July 2010, we are inviting all of you to our coming event: Asalha Pujha. Lets us all celebrate of the Buddha's first sermon in which is set out to his five former associates the doctrine that had come to him following his enlightenment.
Please kindly confirm your attendence with us. This is to make any more convinience for our preparation for Asalha Pujha. All SPBS members, please provide reply to the following detail below to Bing Huang:
  1. Send via e-mail: electricaltbh@hotmail.com
  2. Send via mobile(SMS): 93689666
Please do provide the following details:
  1. Name
  2. Admission number
  3. School

The submission must be sent before 11th July 2010.We seek for your cooperation.

There will be more information regarding the event:Asalha Pujha be provide in the next few days.We looking forward for your participation. Thank you

27 June 2010

First activity with our freshmen 2010

Brothers and sisters of SPBS!
On the 29th June, there will be a meditation section. As this is our first activity with the fresh new member, we hope all members shall show support by attending with us and our seniors of SPBS.


  • T17 51
  • 6.30pm to 8pm
  • 29th June 2010 (Tuesday)

Short notice for all SPBS members
Hey brothers and sisters, YO! You guys are about to join one of the THREE GROUPS of SPBS
First, there will be three groups to choose......(apologize for the typo error in the message in facebook)
  1. Dhamma Group
  2. Community servive & Welfare Group
  3. Recreation & social Group

Purpose: allows each member to join a group base on their interest. Then, in each group, member shall come out with some idea and planning to implement to our club SPBS.

Please do register your details:

  1. name
  2. NIRC
  3. contact number
  4. gender

Finally email to spbs.sss@gmail.com

Registration end on 30th June 2010. We shall work more closely and cooperate with each other in the future and for the future of SPBS.

26 May 2010

Vesak Day 2010

The Vesak Day

We share the moment of the

birth of Buddha,

death of Buddha and

the enlightenment of Buddha

07 May 2010

Welcome Party for SPBS New Members

Welcome Party for SPBS New Members


On the 15th April 2010, the council members of SPBS(Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society) would like to invite everyone for the “Welcome Party”. It is a session for us and you to have a chance to understand each other. We hope that this will bond us and get better in the future.

General information

Event title: Welcome Party for new members and FO Camp Briefing
Involvement: Club/Group Meeting
Start: Saturday, 15th May 2010 at 09.30
End: Saturday, 15th May 2010 at 15.00
Venues: LT18A,Singapore Polytechnic

In the “Welcome Party” session, we are glad to share with all of you all the questions and answer. Some of the FAQ likes the CCA points, daily routine, future plan of SPBS and welfare of our committee members.

We have fully customized program with our all of the lovely new members. During an interval, refreshment will be provided.

On that day, we will have short briefing for new members for the upcoming freshman orientation camp. Members have to attend on that day before they come to freshman orientation camp. Therefore, the attendance is compulsory for all new members of SPBS.

You may always follow us in Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123029947714162#!/group.php?gid=187610960704&v=wall

Lastly, we are looking forward to have a fun and relax day with you.

30 April 2010

Dear Brothers & Sisters of SP Buddhist Society

On 2nd May 2010,
We are having an annual
Investiture of 45th Council.

In this Occasion, the Outgoing Management Committee (44rd Council) will be handing over to the New Management Committee (45th Council) in the presence of Triple Gem. This is A Great Opportunity Not to be Miss to meet up and know the office-bearers for the 45th Council and Our Religious Advisors.

Details of the Event are as follow:

Date : 2nd May 2010(Sunday)
Time: 1:00pm
Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple(Shown as the map below)
Attire: Smart - Casual

If you would like to Dana* Daily Necessities (No Food) to the Sangha, please let the receptionist know when you proceed to write your attendance.

See You There :)
May you be Well and Happy!

*dana (daana): Giving, liberality; offering, alms. Specifically, giving of any of the four requisites to the monastic order. More generally, the inclination to give, without expecting any form of repayment from the recipient.

14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Dear All!

SPBS wishes you a Blessed Happy Tiger Year~~

11 February 2010

Wishing You a Blessed Year ahead!

SPBS wishes you,

A Blessed Tiger Year!

30 January 2010

44th Council Annual General Meeting and Farewell Night for the Graduates

Dear all SPBS members,

We are pleased to inform you that there will be a 44th AGM and farewell night on 4th Feb 2010 (Thursday). Our reception starts at 6.30pm and the actual AGM will commence at 7pm.

The information/schedule for the event is shown below:

See you there!

20 January 2010

Red Box Project

Hi all,

SPBS currently assist a project organised by a team of students from NTU with the support from Nexus Singapore and Youth Changemakers called The Red Box Project. This project want to make this coming Lunar New Year more joyful and sunny for about 700 less fortunate children across 5 local charities through the Project. Although all the beneficiaries certainly need money, but to have a direct, tangible impact on the children, plus this is the chances where we can put real thought and effort into the donations (in wrapping their shoebox and thinking about what gifts to put inside), rather than simply dropping money into a bag and never thinking about it again.

How to start?

What we need to do are just taking an old shoebox and fill it with little gifts such as toys, stationery, and other fun items that children will love, to a total per-box value of about $15 to $20. Then we can then drop the boxes off at SPBS clubroom or collection points( Near the 3rd floor entrance above Student & Alumni Affairs Center )

As part of the SPBS let us take this opportunities to practice the spirit of giving. Please submit the boxes by 29/1/2010. If you interested to submit at the collection point please aware that the operating hours are from 12pm to 1pm on weekdays from Monday 20 Jan to 29 Jan.

Thank you!

May you all be blessed by triple gem!