02 December 2009

All the Best for Exams!

Saw the Buddha?
See! That's the hand gesture of "Fear-less".

He is telling you,
"No fear, my child! Be at ease."

Don't be afraid!
Think of the Buddha's might and courage.
He overcome all difficulties by coolness and effort.

Do your revision well, be diligent...
Complete the topics that hasn't be completed...
Try your best, you will make it!

Best wishes everyone~ All the Best for your Exams!

A Prayer of Well-wishes

Jayanto Bodhiya Mule, Sakyanam nandi vaddhano.
Evam tvam vijayo hohi! Jaya sujaya mangala.

[The Buddha] gained Victory at the foot of the Bodhi tree, Thus bringing joy to his Sakya Clan.
Likewise, let there be victory to you! May you blessed with victory.

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