04 November 2009

SPBS T-shirt Design Competition!

Hi all!
T-shirt Design Competition is here!!
Everyone is welcome to participate!!!
  • Starting Date: 4Nov 2009
  • Submittion Date: 20Nov2009
  • Submittion method: Softcopy at SPBS email spbs.sss@gmail.com

    For each submission, you will be getting a FREE chocolate bar during our BS Day on 21Nov 2009!!!

    Eveyone is entitle to submit ONLY 3 entries of design.

    The Winner will get it's own design T-shirt printed out!(totally FREE!!) and 1 box of chocolate :)

Design Requirements

Design Theme: Friendship

The T-shirt MUST include:
1. Our club logo

2. and the Key phase:
"Just Buddho."

Description for your knowledge:
"Buddho" refers to the state of mind that is awakened, clear, a mind that "truly knows". It also refers to "the one who is awakened to the Truth".

We can mentally repeat "Buddho" continuously to overcome distractions and deluding thoughts, as if grabbing hold on a strong pillar so that we will not be blown away by the great storm! The mind unaffected by distracting thoughts and negative feelings will be brought to stable calmness and clarity. "Buddho" reminds you to be awake, to know clearly!

That is what "Just Buddho" meant! Just stay with "Buddho", just recite "Buddho"!

When you are feeling depressed or irritated, ignore it! Just Buddho!
When you are in fear and worry, ignore it! Just Buddho!
When you are maintaining your cool, Just Buddho!
Keep yourself awake in whatever you are doing, walking.. standing.. seating.. lying.. eating.. drinking.. shitting.. Just Buddho!
Replace all negative states in you
with "Buddho, Buddho, Buddho.." Just Buddho!

Hope to see your DESIGN soon!!
All the Best~!


Anonymous said...

Can do without the theme?
Very hard eh

SPBS said...

Ok loh.