12 October 2009

Courses on Metta Meditation & Sutta Discussion

Dear Brothers & Sisters-in-the-Dhamma,

We are happy to announce the following courses conducted by Sayadaw U Sejjanalankara at SMC, 40 Jalan Malu-Malu. All are welcome to attend the courses. Please register for the courses (course, name, HP contact, email) by sending email to sati_patthana@yahoo.com.sg or on the notice board at the centre, by 19 Oct 09.

Date & Time: Every Thurs 7.30 pm & Sat from 7 pm, 22 Oct – 17 Dec 09. 17 sessions.
Fee: Free

Metta (Loving Kindness) meditation refers to the repeated cultivation of metta in our own hearts and minds to make it firm and strong. With this practice, we develop a genuine wish for own happiness and the happiness of others. Metta cultivation is an effective means to overcome anger, to build up the required concentration base for the development of insight and for healthy relationship with every living being, which is very important for a happy family, society and world.

Course outline:
1. The Spirit of Metta & Introductory Discourse
2. Metta as a Spiritual Path
3. Preliminary for Development of Metta Spirit
4. Nurturing and Developing the Metta Spirit on a Personal Level &
Witnessing it as a Wholesome Spiritual Force
5. Practical Transmission of Metta Spirit
6. The 11 Benefits of Metta as described by the Buddha (Metta Sutta)
7. Metta as a Complimentary Practice leading to Nibbana
8. Metta as a Foundation of Four Modes of Holy Living (Sanhitta Sutta)
9. Metta as a way to Heaven
10. Metta as a Social Path for Peace, Harmony & Progress (Saraniya Sutta)
11. Uniqueness of Metta as said by the Buddha (Velama Sutta)

Date & Time: Every Mon & Fri 7.30 pm, and Sat 3-5 pm, 19 Oct – 18 Dec 09. 24 sessions.
Fee: Free

We invite you to come and learn the Buddha’s teachings from Venerable Sayadaw U Sejjanalankara, a highly learned monk. ‘ Hard to gain is birth as man; hard is the life of mortals; hard to get is the opportunity of hearing the Ariya Dhamma; hard it is for a Buddha to appear.’ –Dhammapada Do not miss this opportunity to learn the Dhamma.

Course outline:
1. Ten kinds of Blessings everyone wants (Itthadhamma Sutta)
2. The Voice of Angel (Pancapubbanimitta Sutta)
3. Is Spiritual goal achievable in this very life?
4. The way of Enlightened Saints (Ariyavasa Sutta)
5. Buddha’s Superknowledge which can see Divine Beings in 8 Gradual Steps
6. Six Superknowledge of the Buddha only unique to the Buddha
7. Loka Sutta
8. Satu Vesarajja Nana
9. Nine Gradual Living Modes in Advanced Consciousness (Anupubba Vihara Sutta)

( And more topics to announced later.
Please check http://www.smcmeditation.org/CourseSchedule.pdf)

Venerable Sayadaw U Sejjanalankara is the Chief Abbot of the Dhammasukha Monastery in Los Angeles, USA. He holds the title of Dvipitakadhara, i.e. he memorised, studied and passed the exams of Dvipitaka - Vinaya Pitaka & Suttanta Pitaka. In addition to obtaining his Sasanadhajasiripavara Dhammacariya degree, he memorised five volumes of the Vinaya and passed his Vinayadhara exams when he was still a samanera. He had also undertaken intensive meditation in the Mahasi Meditation Centre from 1973 and also learnt anapanasati under other teachers. Since May 1995, Sayadaw is based in United States where he has established a Buddhist temple in Southern California. Presently Sayadaw conducts Vipassana meditation retreats, Buddhist studies, Pali grammar courses in Canada, California and Florida.
( http://www.smcmeditation.org/Sejjana_Biography.pdf )

We welcome you to join us in our activities at our new centre at 40 Jalan Malu-Malu (behind Sembawang Shopping Centre). For bus/MRT/driving directions to our new centre, please refer to http://www.smcmeditation.org/SMC_map.htm .

If you wish to receive regular updates on our SMC activities via SMS, please email us your name, HP and email contact.

Thank you. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

With Metta,
Satipatthana Meditation Centre

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