26 July 2009

House Dana

"...May the Buddha please accept our invitation for tomorrow's meal, together with the community of monk." And the Buddha consented by his silence.

The next day, the buddha went together with the community of monks to the house of Sunidha and Vassakara... And Sunidha and Vassakara themselves attended on the buddha & the monks, serving them with the best food that they had... "

Do u ever heard house dana before? This practice of inviting monks to your house to have a meal has been carrying on dating back till the Buddha's Time!

And Guess what?! There is an upcoming house dana this coming saturday!

Hence we would like to invite all members to join in the house dana !


Date: 1/8/2009
Time: 8:30am meet at Yio Chu Kang Mrt

*Please bring along any items that you would like to offer to the monks on the day itself.

See you!!

May you all be well and happy!

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