30 July 2009

Dhamma sharing on Traditional Hungry Ghost Festival

Dear members of SPBS,

The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival is nearing. This time our sharing session shall touch on "GHOST"~

What are Ghosts? How can we help our departed relatives? The buddha had taught and elaborated upon the truth behind these "Ghostly" beings. And what did the Buddha taught? =)

We're pleased to invite our honorary advisor , Bro Xin Hao to share with us more regarding the topic !

We look forward to your attendance on the day of the event!

Details as below:

Date: 5th August 2009
Time: 3:30-5:30pm
Venue: SPBS clubroom

See you there! May you all be well and happy!

An array of foods being offered to the deceased

Illuminated by the Albuquerque Bridge, Japanese volunteers place candle lit lanterns into the Sasebo River during the Obon festival.

Buddhist monks perform a rite of feeding hungry ghosts during Ullambana.

Food is offered to the ancestors during the annual Ghost Festival

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