30 July 2009

Dhamma sharing on Traditional Hungry Ghost Festival

Dear members of SPBS,

The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival is nearing. This time our sharing session shall touch on "GHOST"~

What are Ghosts? How can we help our departed relatives? The buddha had taught and elaborated upon the truth behind these "Ghostly" beings. And what did the Buddha taught? =)

We're pleased to invite our honorary advisor , Bro Xin Hao to share with us more regarding the topic !

We look forward to your attendance on the day of the event!

Details as below:

Date: 5th August 2009
Time: 3:30-5:30pm
Venue: SPBS clubroom

See you there! May you all be well and happy!

An array of foods being offered to the deceased

Illuminated by the Albuquerque Bridge, Japanese volunteers place candle lit lanterns into the Sasebo River during the Obon festival.

Buddhist monks perform a rite of feeding hungry ghosts during Ullambana.

Food is offered to the ancestors during the annual Ghost Festival

26 July 2009

House Dana

"...May the Buddha please accept our invitation for tomorrow's meal, together with the community of monk." And the Buddha consented by his silence.

The next day, the buddha went together with the community of monks to the house of Sunidha and Vassakara... And Sunidha and Vassakara themselves attended on the buddha & the monks, serving them with the best food that they had... "

Do u ever heard house dana before? This practice of inviting monks to your house to have a meal has been carrying on dating back till the Buddha's Time!

And Guess what?! There is an upcoming house dana this coming saturday!

Hence we would like to invite all members to join in the house dana !


Date: 1/8/2009
Time: 8:30am meet at Yio Chu Kang Mrt

*Please bring along any items that you would like to offer to the monks on the day itself.

See you!!

May you all be well and happy!

24 July 2009

Dhamma sharing II

Dear SPBS members,

For our upcoming activity day , we've invited Bhante Chun Kiang (CK) to hold a panel discussion with us ! The topic is not set and is largely dependent on what questions are being posed on the floor during the discussion itself.

Prior to his ordination , Bhante CK was part of the management committee of SPBS and his contributions towards SPBS is what made SPBS what it is today !
It is indeed a rare opportunity to be able to have Bhante CK come all the way from malaysia during the vassa (rains retreat) period to share his wisdom with all of us !

Lets work together to make this event an interactive and lively one!!

Let's all cherish this rare opportunity !

Details :
Date: 29/7/2009 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:30-6:00pm
Venue: T1751

We look forward to your participation

May u be enriched by the teaching of the lord buddha!

11 July 2009

Dhamma Sharing

Dear SPBS members,

What are you trying to seek all the while?
Is there an alternate way to Wealth and Happiness?

The coming activity for our activity day shall be a panel discussion on "Wealth and Happiness".
Come and see happiness and wealth from many different perspectives.
We have invite Bhante Mettiko all the way from Malaysia for this panel discussion.
Do Participate actively!

Further info are as below:

Date: 15/7/2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 3:30-6:00pm
Venue: T1751

Don't miss this great opportunity!!

May u all be blessed by triple gem.

07 July 2009

Happy Asalha Puja Day!

Asalha, the Month of July. This day, sometimes called "Dhamma Day," commemorates the Buddha's first discourse, which he gave to the group of five monks with whom he had practiced in the forest for many years.
See The First Discourse on Turning the Wheel of Dhamma, or in Both Pali and English

Upon hearing this discourse, one of the monks ( Ven. Kondañña) gained his first glimpse of Nibbana, and achieved the 1st sainthood(Sotapanna), thus giving birth to the Noble Sangha.

The annual 3 months Rains retreat (vassa) begins the following day.

As monks used to travel around during the Buddha's time. Lay people complained about the monks destroying their crops. Thus Buddha ordered his disciples to observe a pre-existing practice whereby holy men avoided travel for a three month period during the rainy season, in order to avoid damaging crops.

During Vassa, many Buddhist lay people reinvigorate their spiritual training and adopt more practices. In countries such as Thailand, the laity will often take monastic vows for period of Vassa and return to lay life afterwards.

The Kathina ceremony is held at the month after Vassa, during which the laity gathers to make formal offerings of robe cloth and other requisites to the Sangha.

05 July 2009


Dear SPBS members,

Hmm...MST week has ended symbolise academic life arise again...Stressful life again... o(T.T)o

No worries!

The coming soon outing will let u chill out a lot =D


Our club will organise an outing on the coming saturday with CSS club to East Coast Park. In addition,on the coming saturday you are given an opportunity to experience what is DANA as we going to Palelai Temple for doing dana.(Pls refer to the schedule for more details)


So........What are you waiting for!?

Join us!!!

Details are as below:

Date: 11/7/2009
Time: 10am-8pm
Venue: Gather at tanah merah mrt


10am: Gather at Tanah Merah Mrt /Dana session
1pm : Meeting with CSS club people at East Coast Park

*CCA points wil be given to those joining this outing.

May you be well and happy!

Clubroom Cleaning

Hey SPBS members,

It's already a few months since we didn't work out something for our SPBS clubroom,so.....we will have a good and quite enjoyable event.....that is......SPBS CLUBROOM CLEANING!!!


DATE: 8/7/09

*CCA points will be given for those members who attend on that day.
#Each members please also bring an old cloth or a table cloth along for that event.

May u all be blessed by triple gems =D

03 July 2009

Asalha Puja Day

Halo SPBS members,

MST test finally end!! It's has been long time we didnt meet,don't we? Next tuesday will be Asalha Puja Day!!


So what is Asalha Puja Day?

This day commemorates the important event where the Sangha was first form. The Buddha accepted his first five disciple after they listened to the Buddha expounding the First Discourse, Dhammacakkhapavattana Sutta(The Discourse of the Turning of the Wheel Dhamma/初转法轮经)
at the Deer Park in Isipatana on the full moon day.

Yes,now the good news!

Our club will be celebrating Asalha Puja Day next tuesday in our clubroom.

Come and experience yourself to know more about Asalha Puja and it's meanings!

Date: 7/7/2009
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: SPBS Clubroom

May your life enrich by the teaching of lord buddha!!