18 March 2009

44th Council Retreat

Hi all!

Our upcoming 44th Council Members are having their Retreat Training.

Phra Seng Jinavamso is the Guiding Bhante for this training.
This time round the Retreat shall be opened. All Members are welcomed.

Details as follows:

1st Apr - 7th Apr 2009 (Wednesday - Tuesday)

Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple (Near Tanah Merah MRT Station)

on 1st Apr (Wed), 8.30am

We shall be taking 8 Precepts Attire: Long Pants / T-Shirt (White)

Open up to 20 Person Only
If you are keen or any questions, please email to Xinhao before 27 March for further instructions.

Introduction on Guiding Bhante:

Phra Ajhan Jinavamso (Preferred to be addressed as Bhante Seng), will be the Guiding Bhante for this training.

He is most well-known for explanation of Dhamma based on Suttas and discipline in meditation.

His straight and detailed talks, strict attitude in guiding his students Meditation has gain many praises.

Our Religious Advisor, Ajhan Keng Khemako had recommended him to stay in Palelai for 3 months to guide the practitioners and devotees there.

Currently he is residing in Palelai till end of April.

For the time being, he is leading the Tuesday and Saturday Meditation Sessions, and Children Sunday School at Palelai Buddhist Temple.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the skill of release from troubles!

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