26 March 2009

Talk by Venerable Thubten Chodron

Dear all,

May this email be of great help in your daily well-being.

Venerable Thubten Chodron
,Our ex-Spritual Advisor, will be giving a dharma talk titled "Feeling Love When You Are Stressed"

Thursday 9th April, 2pm - 3.30pm at NUS, during her visit to Singapore in April.

The following is a short write- up on the topic:

"Feeling Love When You Are Stressed"

Sometimes it seems life piles on so much pressure on us that we think we might explode. When we feel stressed out and miserable, we often take it out on the people around us. But there's certainly better ways to deal with stressful situations. Ven. Thubten Chodron, a Tibetan Buddhist nun, is renowned for her practical (and humorous) advice in using the Dharma to address day-to-day problems.
Come learn from her how to keep your mind peaceful & your heart open even when you're under pressure.

Do visit http://www.thubtenchodron.org/ for more information about Venerable Thubten Chodron and her April Visit to Singapore .

Interested friends / in doubt feel free to drop an email to us by 5 April. We look forward to hear from you soon! ^^

25 March 2009

1 day tour @ Peranakan Museum

Hi all!

SPBS upcoming 44th Council warmly extend hers’ invitation to all fellow members to come & experience a day @ The Peranakan Museum - Serenity In Stone. This exhibition showcases Rare Sculptures from Qingzhou, dating back to 1,400 years!

Details as follows:

11 April 2009(Saturday)

Meeting Venue : City Hall Control Station
Meeting Time : 1pm
Admission Fees: FOC (All members will be fully-sponsored by SPBS)

Interested applicants or in doubts, feel free to email us by 05 April 2009.

Introduction on The Peranakan Museum – Serenity In Stone :
Stele with a Buddha & two bodhisattvas (LEFT) Eastern Wei (534–50 CE)Limestone, overall height 310cmCollection of the Qingzhou MuseumShandong Province, ChinaImage courtesy of Qingzhou Municipal Museum

Standing figure of a Bodhisattva. (RIGHT)Late Northern Wei - Eastern Wei (500-550 CE).Limestone, overall height 200cmCollection of the Qingzhou Museum,Shandong Province, ChinaImage courtesy of Shandong Provincial Museum
Getting To Peranakan Museum

Located at 39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941.

By Train : About 10-minute walk from City Hall MRT Station.
By Car : Paid parking is available next to the Peranakan Museum.
By Bus : 7, 14, 16, 36, 97, 124, 131, 147, 162, 166, 174, 501 Express, 511 Express, 77, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A and 857

*Bus stop opposite Singapore Management University

18 March 2009

44th Council Retreat

Hi all!

Our upcoming 44th Council Members are having their Retreat Training.

Phra Seng Jinavamso is the Guiding Bhante for this training.
This time round the Retreat shall be opened. All Members are welcomed.

Details as follows:

1st Apr - 7th Apr 2009 (Wednesday - Tuesday)

Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple (Near Tanah Merah MRT Station)

on 1st Apr (Wed), 8.30am

We shall be taking 8 Precepts Attire: Long Pants / T-Shirt (White)

Open up to 20 Person Only
If you are keen or any questions, please email to Xinhao before 27 March for further instructions.

Introduction on Guiding Bhante:

Phra Ajhan Jinavamso (Preferred to be addressed as Bhante Seng), will be the Guiding Bhante for this training.

He is most well-known for explanation of Dhamma based on Suttas and discipline in meditation.

His straight and detailed talks, strict attitude in guiding his students Meditation has gain many praises.

Our Religious Advisor, Ajhan Keng Khemako had recommended him to stay in Palelai for 3 months to guide the practitioners and devotees there.

Currently he is residing in Palelai till end of April.

For the time being, he is leading the Tuesday and Saturday Meditation Sessions, and Children Sunday School at Palelai Buddhist Temple.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the skill of release from troubles!

12 March 2009

Ordination Ceremony

Every culture have its rite of passage into adulthood.
For young Theravada Buddhist men and women in Burma and Thailand, they would temporarily ordain for a certain period as a Bhikkhu/ Nun when they are usually coming of age.
The Upasampada Ceremony(Ordination), is the initiation of ordainees taking up the Full Buddhist Monastic Code of Conduct (Monks: 227 / Nuns: 331), for temporarily or maybe for life if one decides.

The above is an example of a Ordination Ceremony taken at Aruna Ratanagiri: Harnham Buddhist Monastery.(Copyright to Harnham, Picasa Photo Album)

SPBS is gathering for one at the Burmese Buddhist Temple to witness our Burmese President, Aung Nyen Chan Oo, taking part in the Ordination ceremony, fulfilling his cultural practice.

Usually, householders and laymen will gather to make merits, on what is considered to be an auspicious occasion, by giving appropriate items to the Sangha. So don't miss your chance to witness such an event. You may bring along appropriate items to donate to the Sangha.

Date: 16 March 2009 (Monday)
Time: 8am
Location: Burmese Buddhist Temple
14, Tai Gin Road
(Next to Dr Sun Yat Sen's Villa)
Please refer for directions at
You may also take other bus services from Newton MRT.
(Refer to bus stop/control station at Newton)

Leave a comment, or email us if you are interested.
Further instructions on meeting time and person-in-charge will be given to participants.