09 February 2009

Greetings: Happy Māgha Puja to you!

Dear all,

Happy Māgha Puja

It commemorates the unplanned assembly of 1,250 arahants in the Buddha's presence. One thousand of the gathered monks had previously achieved Awakening upon hearing the Buddha's delivery of the Fire Sermon; the remaining 250 were followers of the elder monks Ven. Moggallana and Ven. Sariputta.

This meeting is considered very significant in Buddhist history because first, it was done without previous appointment and was therefore a miracle, and secondly, all of them had been ordained by the Buddha himself.

To mark this auspicious gathering, the Buddha delivered the Ovada-Patimokkha Gatha, widely known by Buddhist today, a summary of the teachings, which all Buddhas in the Past, and future will teach.

"Māgha" is the name of the month (March) where this occassion happened. "Pujā" means offering. Overall, it means Offerings on the month of "Māgha" in commemration of the Great assembly of Sangha.

Now, let us reflect on the this important teaching, and honor the Buddha by practising it.

Ovada-Patimokkha Gatha

Khantī paramam tapo tītikkhā
Nibbānam paramam vadanti buddhā,
Na hi pabbajito parūpaghātī
Samano hoti param vihethayanto

Patient forbearance is the foremost austerity.
Liberation is foremost: that's what the Buddhas say
He is no monk who injures another;
nor a contemplative, he who mistreats another.


Sabba-pāpassa akaranam,
Etam buddhāna-sāsanam.

The non-doing of any evil,
The performance of what's skillful,
The cleansing of one's own mind:
This is the Buddhas' teaching.


Anūpavādo anūpaghāto
Pātimokkhe ca samvaro
Mattaññutā ca bhattasmim
Pantañca sayan'āsanam.
Adhicitte ca āyogo:
Etam buddhāna-sāsananti.

Not disparaging, not injuring,
Restraint in line with the monastic code,
Moderation in food,
Dwelling in seclusion,
Commitment to the heightened mind:
This is the Buddhas' teaching.


*1. 原文是pātimokkhe ca samvaro,意即“依照别解脱律仪自制”。
*2. 增上心(adhicitta)即是禅定。

Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!
May you have peace at heart and live in happiness!

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