16 December 2008

Let's Commemorate the 42nd Anniversary of SPBS~!

Come together, SPBS...
On the day we shall recollect...

Dear members,

SPBS Anniversary Day (BS Day) is coming, where we commemorate 43 years of long history.
The great day where all members of SPBS shall come together!

The celebration falls on:
20th December 2008 (Saturday),
9am -11am
At Classroom T1751
(Block T17, Level 5, Room 1)

We've got a special guest, Venerable Ajhan Ong and Venerable Phra Chun Kiang Atipalo to grace our anniversary day.

They will be offered a meal after the event.
Do bring cooked food or drinks if you wish chip in the meal for monks. (Not restricted to Vegetarian food.)

If there is any questions, leave a comment here! Or email to spbs.sss@gmail.com

See everyone on this coming Saturday!

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