20 November 2008

Let your Heart be Guided !

SPBS members!

"Compass for the Heart" had been launched!

This service will sent little quotes to your E-mail fortnightly (twice per month) about the teachings of the Buddha. Let yourself be reminded by the Wisdom of the Buddha!

To increase the convenience of members, I've included the link here:

I hope that Members who had subscribed the service will find it beneficial.

Thank you!
May you be happy always.


Chun Kiang said...

Just a suggestion...

Can the quotes have some paragraphs and spacing in between them?

For it is quite hard to read all those texts clumped together

With metta,
Bhante CK

SPBS said...

Trying to resolve, Bhante.

Because the new "Blogger Draft" doesn't have all the HTML tools. Switching back seems to have difficulties...

But once it is resolved, we'll improve the alignments and presentation.

Thanks (with Anjali)_/|\_