27 October 2008

BS day Committee Wanted!

Hi fellow members of SPBS!

Our annual BS day is coming up! This year we will commemorating our 44th Anniversary on 22 of December.

Prior to our preparation, a BS day committee will be formed as we required manpower to assist us in the planning/activation of plan for BS Day.

We are in need of each & every member earnest support & your effort will be truly appreciated. Interested applicants, do drop an 'SMS' to Carol @ 81128454 / Octavia @ 96403501 by 5 of November.

Should you have any doubts, feel free to contact Carol @ 81128454/ Octavia @ 96403501. Or, you may write to us @ spbs.sss@gmail.com.

We look forward to hear from you soon!

May U be well & happy!

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