18 August 2008

Dhamma Sharing: Buddha had Seven Treasures for you

Whoever, man or woman, has these treasures
...is said not to be poor, has not lived in vain.
So the wise should develop
conviction & virtue, confidence & Dhamma-vision(Right View)...

Remembering the Buddhas' instruction...


What is the Treasure of *Listening?
There is the case where a disciple of the noble ones

has heard much,
has retained what he/she has heard,
has stored what he/she has heard.

Whatever teachings are
admirable in the beginning,
admirable in the middle,
admirable in the end,

That — in their meaning and expression —
Proclaim the holy life that is
entirely complete and pure:

Those are what he/she has listened to often,
retained, discussed, accumulated, examined with his/her mind, and well-penetrated in terms of his/her views.

This is called the Treasure of *Listening.

*Suta: heard / learned where knowledge received through inspiration or realization"

... Was every word, teaching or advise g
iven to you...
..DoYou listen to him often, remembered, clarify doubts, examined it with a clear mind and penetrate it's meaning well? Or you take them superficially?

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