03 August 2008

Dhamma Sharing: Buddha had Seven Treasures for you (Part 2: Virtue / Morality)

Whoever, man or woman, has these treasures
...is said not to be poor, has not lived in vain.
So the wise should develop
conviction & virtue, confidence & Dhamma-vision(Right View)...

Remembering the Buddhas' instruction...


And what is the Treasure of *Virtue?

There is the case where a disciple of the noble ones:

abstains from taking life,

abstains from stealing,

abstains from illicit sexual conduct,

abstains from lying,

abstains from taking intoxicants that results in heedlessness

This, monks, is called the Treasure of *Virtue.


(Sila: Virtue / Morality / Wholesome habits )

... Having faith is to ackowledge(convinced) and truly confident about the Buddha's realization, that he gain complete awakwening...

Do you?

If you do believe in Buddha... Then, what is stopping you from keeping to his teachings and training?

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