16 August 2008

Cultivation Retreat @ Santi Forest Monastery (Malaysia)

Dear fellow Dhamma friends,

In search of peace & tranquility after exam?
Looking for a place to be away from the noise and clutter of the city?
Always wanting to seek liberation ?
Wishes to experience that state of calmness ?

If all this factors are what you are looking forward to, here is a good news for you!

On behalf of SPBS, I am proud to announce to u that there will be a 10 days retreat during the upcoming 6 weeks vacation.

In the retreat, we are able to understand the basic concepts of Buddhism rightly, and develop them under their exemplary guidance, experiencing the Buddha’s teaching and training personally, and directly through the lifestyle in the monastery.

We will be observing Eight precepts throughout the 10 days (Exclusive of 1st & last day), its where one can truly experience the simplicity of life and contentment in the midst of trees and huts(Kutis).

It is highly recommended to those who are interested in either:

- Truly Understanding Buddhism (Teachings/Training)
- Development in Mental Discipline/Meditation (Samadhi)
- Solving doubts and questions
- Understanding the proper practice of Buddhist Monks
- Striving for spiritual growth/goal (Bhavana)
- Peaceful and simple lifestyle for mental relieve from stress

17 - 28 Sept 08
Venue: Santi Forest Monastery, Malaysia
Meeting Place: Kranji MRT Station @ 10am

Those keen in participating, may drop an 'SMS' to Carol @ 81128454 / Chek Beng @ 96586402 before 1 september

Should have any doubts feel free to contact Xin Hao @ 94301046 / Chek Beng @ 96586402.

May you attain Samma-samadhi!

4 days later I post the photo album here, I (Xinhao Silatharo)recieved a email from Chun Kiang (Aka Bhante Atiphalo) that Ajhan Keng has instructions, that anything upload into the internet needs to ask his permission first. Those who still like to view the photos may send your request by leaving a comment here.


Program Outlines:

17 Sept
10am: Gathering at Kranji MRT Station
12pm: Lunch over at City Square (Malaysia)
1.30pm: Set off to Santi Monastery
3.00pm: Settle Down

18 - 27 Sept
(Temple Routine)

28 Sept
10am: Back to 5 Precepts Taking / Lunch
12pm: Final consultation with Spiritual Advisor
1pm: Set off to Singapore
3pm: Home Sweet Home!



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