31 July 2008

Trekking trip to Mount Faber...Wow!‏

Dear fellow SPBS members

Still in the midst of deciding where to go on National Day? If you are, here's good news for you. While if you don't, take it as a breather on this very day. ^^

Next Sat, we, SPBS, will be having a trip up to Mount Faber. In simpler words, we will be trekking up the route to Mount Faber.

Primary aim of this trip:
- Foster fellowship
- Provide an avenue for members to appreciate the wonders of nature.

Details are as follows

Date: 9 August 08 (Sat)
Time: 8.30am – about 4pm
Venue: Mount Faber (Meet at Harbour Front Ctl station @ 8.30am)

Checklist (Things to bring)

1. Towel
2. X-tra T-Shirt
3. Sufficient Cash about $20
4. Umbrella / Cap
5. Fully charged Mobile Phone
6. 500ml Water Bottle (Minimum Requirement)
7. Snacks (Optional)
8. Personal medication (If Necessary)

Dress Code

- T-Shirt
- Shorts
- Sport Shoes

Word of advice:
1) Have sufficient sleep of more than 7 hrs before the event
2) Do not compel yourself to participate in the event if unwell.
3) Have something light before coming

As this is an official BS activity, CCA points will be given to members' participation. Those keen in joining us, may drop an SMS to Carol @ 81128454 / Octavia @ 96403501

Should you have any doubts, feel free to contact Carol @ 81128454 / Octavia @ 96403501.

We look forward in your seeing you on 9 August! Right here, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy National Day!

May U be well & happy!

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