31 July 2008

Closure of SPBS

Dear Brothers & Sisters of SPBS,

We regret to inform you that the clubhouse will be closed with effect from 7th August - Next semester due to the upcoming exam.

All daily activities & activity day (Wed) shall cease till next semester. We apologize for any discomfort caused.

During this peroid, do bear in mind the fundamental teachings of Lord Buddha

- Avoid Evil

- Do Good

- Purity the mind.

Should any thoughts arises that constitute of Greed, Hatred, Delusion. Use the breath / 'Buddho' as a means of cutting away thoughts.

Via this consistent practice, may joyeous victory be yours!

Should U have any doubts, feel free to contact Carol at 81128454 / Chek Beng @ 96586402.

On behalf of the council committee, I hereby take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your semester exam!

May U be all way well & happy!

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