16 May 2008

Vesak Day Celebration!!! ^^

Dear brother & sisters of the Dhamma,

I am sure most of you is aware of our upcoming activity. Yes! Vesak Day Celebration!

Hence, I am proud to say that the society will be celebrating one of the most important events in the Buddhist calendar – Vesak Day over at Palelai Buddhist temple.

This day marks the Birth, Enlightment & Final Nibbina of Lord Buddha. This auspicious event is observed & celebrated throughout the Buddhist world with great veneration.

Program are as follows:

6.00am - Morning chanting
7.00am - Taking of the 5 Precepts / 8 Precepts
8.00am - Pinapata (Alms collection by venerables)

11.00am – Offering of Lunch (Dana) to the monks
12.00pm - Free lunch to all devotees

6.00pm - Evening chanting
7.00pm - Candlelight procession followed by the chanting of the Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Lord Buddha's First Discourse) and Parittas (protective discourses).

Details are as shown:

Date: 19th May (Vesak Day)
Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple (We will meet @ Tanah Merah Ctl Station)
Time : Gather @ 9.30am

Those wish to join us for this meritorious event on Vesak day, please ‘SMS’ to Aung @ 90904156 / Chek Beng @ 96586402. Do remember to include your name.
(Those whom have register on the wednesday, need no confirmation.)

Should you have any doubts, feel free to contact Aung @ 90904156 or Xin Hao @ 94301046.

On behalf of the management committee, I hereby take this opportunity to wish a Very Happy Vesak Day!

May you, your family and friends be all way well and happy !

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

17 - 19th Meditation Retreat

Dear fellow SPBS members,

I am glad to announce that SPBS will be joining in a meditation retreat organised by Palelai temple from 17th – 19th of May . Participants joining in the retreat will be observing 8 precepts.

This is a great chance for participant to get close instructions from a highly- respected monk, Ajahn Keng, who is one of SPBS's spiritual advisor & abbot of Santi Forest Monastery.

In the meantime, it is a good time to get away from the stressful work in school, right?

Details are as follows:

Date: 17th – 19th of May
Time of reporting: 7am on 17th (Tanah Merah Ctl Station)
Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple

For those who wishes to participate in the retreat or have any queries, please kindly contact:
Xin Hao ( Honary Advisor) @ 94301046 or
Aung ( President) @ 90904156.

We look forward in seeing you in the upcoming meditation retreat!

May U be well and happy!

13 May 2008

Commence of our Activity Day!

Dear fellow SPBS members,

Just a gentle reminder for everyone.
Tomorrow, 14/5/08 will be our 1st meeting on the Activity Day!

ATTENDANCE IS COMPLUSORY to all members! (Except
Associate members)
(Currently on every Wednesdays, 3.30pm – 5.30pm)

The program for tomorrow includes updates for Vesak Day. Besides that, for those who have missed the Freshmen Orientation activities, this is a great opportunity to meet up our newly joined members.

In addition, for those who are unfamiliar with our operating hours:

Mon to Fri: 5.15pm - 6.30pm
Wed : 1pm - 6.30pm

Daily Chanting & Meditation starts from 5.30pm.

Should U have any doubts, feel free to contact Aung (President) at 90904156 / Carol (Vice-President) at 81128454 or e-mail us at 'spbs.sss@gmail.com.'

Thank You!

May U be Well & Happy!