29 April 2008

Impt: Renewal of Membership

Dear Members of SPBS,

In accordance to the rules & regulation of SPBS, each & every members of SPBS are required to renew their membership particulars at this point of time ( Beginning of new semester ) within 1 mth period till the 14th May.

For Current Members, you are required to renew your membership by sending us an email or sms with your full name, and any changes in your particulars.

- Graduating Batch (05/06), you are required to send us a email or SMS, on whether you wish to renew your membership status to associate member, and if is there any changes to your particulars.

- Associate Members... you are required to update us if there's any changes in particulars either through email or SMS.


You are free to come down to the CCA booth for renewal.


The guidelines for renewal are as shown below:

Do state the heading "Renewal of Membership" when you email to 'spbs.sss@gmail.com'.

And please kindly include the following:

Name: xxx
*Contact Number: (H) xxx (HP) xxx
*Address / *Mailing Address: xxx

** Membership Status: Do you wish to renew to an Associate Membership?

* You will need to provide the details only if you have any changes to the details mentioned.
** For graduating SP students Only.


You may renew your membership through:

1. SMS the required details to Carol (Vice-President) at 81128454 or Chek Beng (Publication Secretary) at 96586402.

2. Visiting us personally at CCA Showcase from 28 Apr to 30 Apr at Sports Hall.

3. Visiting us personally at SPBS Clubroom during standard opening hours (5.15pm - 6.45pm) at Polycenter, Level 2, Room PC-126.

Should U have any doubts, feel free to contact Aung (President) at 90904156 or Carol (Vice-President) at 81128454 or e-mail us at 'spbs.sss@gmail.com'.

May you be inspired in this spiritual journey towards happiness and peace with everyone!

Thank you!

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