17 February 2008

Magha Puja Celebration!

Hi all members,

The annual Magha Puja has arrived once again!!

It commemorates the unplanned assembly of 1,250 arahants in the Buddha's presence. One thousand of the gathered monks had previously achieved Awakening upon hearing the Buddha's delivery of the Fire Sermon; the remaining 250 were followers of the elder monks Ven. Moggallana and Ven. Sariputta.

To mark this auspicious gathering, the Buddha delivered the Ovada-Patimokkha Gatha, a summary of the main points of the Dhamma, which the Buddha gave to the assembly, widely known by Buddhist today.

The details are as followed:

Date: 21 Feburary 2008
Meeting Time: 6.00pm
Meeting venue: Bedok Mrt Station


6.00pm Dinner at Bedok Market
7.00pm Procceed to Palelai Buddhist Temple
7.30pm Magha Puja Commences

Please reply to spbs.sss@gmail.com to confirm for your attendance. Thank you.

Please contact Xinhao@ 94301046 directly, for futher enquries. He shall be the contact person on the actual day.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! See you there.

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