14 January 2008

EXAM is Coming!!!

Dear members,

SPBS Clubroom will be closed on study week, exam week and during the holidays, which is from 14/01 to 01/04.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Wish you all the best for your exam and have fun during the holidays 8)



alKaLiNi said...

hi guys from spbs,

how have all of you been doing?

exams are approaching and i wish all of you the best of luck =)

for those of you who still remember me (and the "courses" i gave) i hope you'll bring them out and use them now =)

hope to see you all soon :)


yu song

p.s the person who came up with the "surprise reading" is very creative:)

Small William said...

Den when's e lunar new yr dinner?
Publication nv do u job ah -.-

Anonymous said...

Are there any activities coming up in the holidays?

Xinhao said...

yo! exams over! Any up coming activities?

Btw, can we hav someone who is good in doing web pages to add a special button or a new section for the "!!Surprize reading!!", rather than putting it under "Links"??

And also, we need him/her to teach us how to upload files online so that members can download them online from here. Such as the Financial reports, Constitution, Application Forms, Membership form, indemity forms and etc...

Mā te bhavatvantarāyo,
Sukhī dīghāyuko bhava!