15 October 2007

October 15th: Blog Action Day

Hey friendz,

Have you realised that the weather is getting warmer?
Have you realised that it rains even its a sunny day?

Have you realised that more natural disaster are happening around the world?


Its Important for a us to protect our environment, our Mother Earth!


It is a way of practising loving kindness, not just to ourselves but also about being considerate to other sentient beings.

Futhurmore, it is one of the 38 highest blessings mentioned by the Buddha. In the Mangala Sutta, there he says: "Patirupadesavaso" Residence in a suitable and pleasant locality!

Living in a place where the climate is inimical with frequent ravages by floods, famines, earthquakes and epidemics is just the opposite of what is meant by a suitable environment.
It was the increase in the global climate that causes the most powerful storms and other natural disasters.

Let make our planet a suitable place for ourselves and our decendents to live in.


8 things we could do to save the environment

1.Reduce, reuse and recycle more!
2.Take public transport more often
3.Use an electrical fan instead of air-con when you sleep
4.Carry your own fabric bags or jute bags or any reusable bag when you shop.
5.Plant more trees
6.Turn off your electronic devices at the main power switch! It makes a difference!
7.Buy an Air con that has energy saving label
8.Change your light bulbs! Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. Avaliable at IKEA

Protect Our Planet, Protect yourself and others.
It is a Meritorious Deed,

A cultivation of Generosity and Love.
We are the Owner of our actions, it's result we shall bear...
So act now!


jason said...

we shall start to save our Mother Earth from ourself, some tips that i am going to share are

1. try ur best to eat at the food stall instead of take away.

2. bring ur own water bottle instead of buying a mineral water everyday.

3. try ur best to sort out all the recycleable item from ur own rubbishes that u throw away everyday.


may u be happy and well everyday

Chun Kiang said...

Don't own a car in Singapore. The country is so small and you could get to almost anywhere with public transport. Stop congesting the roads. Save the earth and your pockets too!

Chun Kiang said...

Blog Action? I guess the real action starts when the whole world runs out of electricity and we can't even blog.

People will only find an end to suffering if suffering gets blown right in their face.

Anonymous said...

Reduce, reuse and recycle PAPER...
In this way, lesser trees need to be cut down, meaning a slow down in deforestation and preserving the habitats of the wildlife. Reduce use of paper. Reuse paper. Recycle paper (etc lecture notes, declassified documents)

Jun Da

Xin Hao said...

Architects has been doing there best to help the environment, to promote something call "Sustainability". So you start to see greens on high rise buildings, VRV air-con(A smart device which will adjust itself to the needs so to save electricity.), water ponds, Grass roof, more natural ventilated areas.

Government are giving "incentives" for Green buildings, such as garden areas opened to the sky is not required to pay for the development charge.Which means...more garden, more greens, Less payment!

But as far as I learnt, total no air-con is almost impossible now. Nobody is willing to sacrifice it totally. Especially offices, if we begin to use fan or natural wind, most probably we will see papers flying all over the place...

Our Singapore government has a set of measures on building control. If the heat produced by the building over shoots the limit, the building is not allowed to be built.

So thats, quite a +ve news.

Xinhao said...

To CK: That's very true for Most people...

For all: It's better than that 'Live Earth' concert la, which actually "Kills" earth than to save...

The whole idea is to reduce as much as possible. I'm quite supportive of this action, maybe when you read up about how blog actually affects people today, you'll understand how bloggers can help changing people's life.

I was quite touched when I read this somewhere in a blog by a malaysian, who has participated this Blog Action Day saying:


From: http://foongmood.blogspot.com/2007/10/blog-post_15.html

Anonymous said...


click to donate for free daily and save the forests.

Alvin said...

Hey guyz.

Together we can save Earth.

So dun hesitate, ACT now.

Juz to share with all of you, go watch a movie call "Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore which won the best documentary award :)

Xinhao said...

Blog Posts, Audience Numbers, Facts

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Check out http://http://blogactionday.org/
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Dexiang said...

We shall save Mother Earth .

1. Don leave your computer overnight in order to download video . ( The amount of electrical used is intensive)

2.Do not get over reliance to electronics . The reasons why the earth is like this is due to the usage of electronic equipment like tv and computer.

3.Don leave your handphone charge throughout the night, it waste a lot of electricity.