12 October 2007

Kathina Day 2007

Good day to all SPBS members.

Kathina day is just around the corner! The opportunity to make merits is here again!

This year, we will be celebrating Kathina day in Santi Forest Monastery, Malaysia. Its a rare chance where you could see many monks doing alms round together. Also, get to know our SPBS spiritual advisors, Ajaan Keng & Bhante Lee in person and many more...

We thus, with great joy and happiness, cordially hope you can join us in this meritorious event @ Santi Forest Monastery.

Details are as follows:

DATE: 28-Oct
MEETING TIME: 12 am on 27 0ct
Chinese Garden MRT.

(We will be staying at Bro. Xin Hao's house on 27 0ct)

Please bring some food for dana,e.g canned food, tin milo, etc and for foreign members, please apply for visa if necessary.

So what are you waiting for, quick pick up your phone now and contact Brother Alvin at 96334313 or Brother Libin at 98127210 or Brother William at 91126933.

* Interested members, plz confirm with us one week in advance.

Thank you very much.

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