21 October 2007

Abhidhamma Course by Dr Mehm Tin Mon

Hi all

Dr Mehm Tin Mon will be conducting an Abhidhamma course in English at Palelai Buddhist Temple from 26 October to 03 November 2007.

Course materials will be provided upon the commencement of the course. Interested members please contact Bro. Alvin @ 96334313 by 23/10/07.

Details are as follows:

DATE: 26th.Oct. to 3rd.Nov.2007
TIME: 7:00pm to 9:30pm on weekdays
5:00pm to 9:30pm on Sat. / Sun

VENUE: Palelai Buddhist Temple

The Abhidhamma classes by Dr Mehm will be very informative and enjoyable.

Dr. Mehm says, “Not to worry and everyone will understand Abhidhamma very quickly.”

18 October 2007

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!! - The Journey Along This Path Of Cultivation

Dear members,

Its our honour and privelige to inform you that our SPBS alumni, Bro. Chun Kiang is having his sharing cum Q & A session on 08 Nov.

Bro. Chun Kiang has been actively involved in the Buddhist community. In cultivating, he served and participated in various areas, gradually strengthening his leadership qualities.

His past experiences include serving as the President of SPBS.

Chun Kiang also has attended numerous retreats over the years and is an avid reader of Buddhism.

Want to know what has Bro. Chun Kiang encountered on his journey along the path of learning and practicing Buddhism?

Want to find out what else he has been exposed to and what inspired him to keep on going despite challenges and obstacles?

Then you should not miss this chance and join us for this unforgetable moment.

Details are as follow:

DATE: 08/11/07
TIME: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
VENUE: Awareness Place [Well Being] Level 3, #03-39 Bras Basah Complex

(Beside the National Library, nearest MRT station: Bugis)

* CCA Pts will be awarded.

17 October 2007

Look Here!

Dear SPBS members,

The Clubroom shall be closed today on 18/10 due to unforeseen circumstances.

We apologize for any inconvenience causes.


15 October 2007

October 15th: Blog Action Day

Hey friendz,

Have you realised that the weather is getting warmer?
Have you realised that it rains even its a sunny day?

Have you realised that more natural disaster are happening around the world?


Its Important for a us to protect our environment, our Mother Earth!


It is a way of practising loving kindness, not just to ourselves but also about being considerate to other sentient beings.

Futhurmore, it is one of the 38 highest blessings mentioned by the Buddha. In the Mangala Sutta, there he says: "Patirupadesavaso" Residence in a suitable and pleasant locality!

Living in a place where the climate is inimical with frequent ravages by floods, famines, earthquakes and epidemics is just the opposite of what is meant by a suitable environment.
It was the increase in the global climate that causes the most powerful storms and other natural disasters.

Let make our planet a suitable place for ourselves and our decendents to live in.


8 things we could do to save the environment

1.Reduce, reuse and recycle more!
2.Take public transport more often
3.Use an electrical fan instead of air-con when you sleep
4.Carry your own fabric bags or jute bags or any reusable bag when you shop.
5.Plant more trees
6.Turn off your electronic devices at the main power switch! It makes a difference!
7.Buy an Air con that has energy saving label
8.Change your light bulbs! Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. Avaliable at IKEA

Protect Our Planet, Protect yourself and others.
It is a Meritorious Deed,

A cultivation of Generosity and Love.
We are the Owner of our actions, it's result we shall bear...
So act now!

12 October 2007

Kathina day @ Wat Palelai

Hi SPBS members,

Palelai Buddhist Temple [PBT] will be celebrating Kathina day on the 18 Nov 2007.

Details are as follows:

Date: 18/11
Time: Starting at 09:00
Venue: PBT

Devotees who wish to support this event may proceed to the designated donation counter set up in Palelai's main shrine or the administration office in our new Chedi Dhammasathit building

The Sangha and Executive Committee of Palelai Buddhist Temple cordially invite you, your family, and friends to join us in these meritorious occasions.

May you and your family be well and happy always. :)

With metta,

Devo Day @ Wat Palelai

Yo SPBS members,

On the 27-October, Palelai Buddhist Temple [PBT] will be celebraing Devo day to commemorate the return of Lord Buddha from the Tavatimsa Heaven where the he spent the entire Rains Residence (vassa) preaching the Abidhamma (Higher Dhamma) to his mother, Queen Maha Maya and the devas.

To commemorate this important historical event, PBT resident & invited monks will perform the Devorohana ceremony. Members and devotees are most welcome to join us in offerng alms to the Sangha during this alms round.

Details are as follows:

Date: 27/10
Time: Starting at 9am
Venue: Palelai Buddhist Temple


Kathina Day 2007

Good day to all SPBS members.

Kathina day is just around the corner! The opportunity to make merits is here again!

This year, we will be celebrating Kathina day in Santi Forest Monastery, Malaysia. Its a rare chance where you could see many monks doing alms round together. Also, get to know our SPBS spiritual advisors, Ajaan Keng & Bhante Lee in person and many more...

We thus, with great joy and happiness, cordially hope you can join us in this meritorious event @ Santi Forest Monastery.

Details are as follows:

DATE: 28-Oct
MEETING TIME: 12 am on 27 0ct
Chinese Garden MRT.

(We will be staying at Bro. Xin Hao's house on 27 0ct)

Please bring some food for dana,e.g canned food, tin milo, etc and for foreign members, please apply for visa if necessary.

So what are you waiting for, quick pick up your phone now and contact Brother Alvin at 96334313 or Brother Libin at 98127210 or Brother William at 91126933.

* Interested members, plz confirm with us one week in advance.

Thank you very much.