30 September 2007

Around S'p0re In 24 Hrs

Dear SPBS members,

This coming Saturday and Sunday, 6th and 7th October, we will be having our Freshmen Orientation 2 days 1 nite Camp [Around S'p0re In 24 Hrs].

We will be introducing many unique Buddhist practices and ideas by three different traditions of Buddhism.

So come & join us as we embark on this interesting and exciting journey :)

Details are as follows:
Meeting Date: 6th October Saturday
Meeting time: 10:00am
Meeting venue: Dover MRT Control Station

To bring list:
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Shampoo and shower cream
Sleeping bag
At least extra one set of clothing
Water bottle

If you are interested or have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Alvin at 96334313 or Libin at 98127210.

Sadhu X3.


Alvin said...

Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu.

Its great to see all of you supporting SPBS.

Btw, I ready had enjoyed myself for that day.

I thought this FO thingy is going to be a total failure, but you guyz prove me wrong.

Thx to all of you.

Plz post your feedback in the blog for those who feel that this FO is enjoyable.

Xinhao said...

Yo! Be confident in yourself. Friends will support friends de. Similarly, friends in BS will give each other genuine support one.
We are all friends of BS~!

I learnt new things about Mahayana and vajrayana and most importantly I know some of the members quite closely =)

Minggen said...

Hey alvin, keep up the good work. It's important to keep the club running but it is equally important to keep yr studies at tip top condition ok? Ganbatte!!

Anonymous said...

hey there...
i was one of ur participants in that Around s'pore in 24 hours event, and i can tell you that i neva regret participating..
it was a great experience for me, one thing is also cos am not a local.. so i barely know about e temples in sgp..
and to tell u e truth, that was my very first time getting in contact with mahayana and vajrayana( is this e correct spelling??) tradition.. really thank you!!
i really learned a lot from this event.. not only about buddhism but i am also very impressed by your determination.. i learned that from you all.. your efforts to introduce buddhism to your member would never ever go to waste.. i can assure u that..
with your determination, there would be nothing called 'failure'..u've done e very best u can..
i really feel glad and proud to have you all as BS-mate and friends!!..
and all your efforts are much appreciated=)
keep it up!! must remember to take care of urself too.. rest well.. dun overwork urself!!! cya=)
may u be well and happy,

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by ur effort and willingness to work hard .

plus ur genuine concern / care for ur friends is very much respected by many;)

keep up ur efforts and pass down ur virtues to the younger generation;)


- yu song

Xinhao said...

To fee fee: Ya...you spelled correctly =)
I very kaypo one...LOL

Those who use Anonymous can actually use "Other" and just fill up your name. The "your web page" thingy can be ignored. =)


maGGie said...

It's great knowing you guys =)


Anonymous said...

Great thanks to the committee for organizing the event for our new members.


SPBS said...

I really enjoyed myself throughout the trip. This really benefited me. Hope we will organize more in the future.well done.
Will help more next time ^-^"