25 August 2007

Santi Forest Retreat


During this holiday, BS had organised an event to Malaysia.

Venue: Santi Forest Monaestery, Malaysia
Date: Sunday 2nd September 2007
Time: 10 A.M.Meeting Place: Jurong East Interchange

For any of you who dont know what is a retreat, its the best chance to participate. The purpose is to cultivate one's spritual being, and at the same time, can get the feeling of a monk (bhikkhu)'s everyday lifestyle.

For your information, its a 10 DAYS retreat from 2/9/07 to 11/9/07.

What to Bring:

-min 3 sets of clothes (do make sure have at least 2 sets of white attire , white shirt and pants)
-Toiletres (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Toweletc)
-Shampoo, Shower Foam/Soap
-TORCHLIGHT (its very dark at night)
-Slippers. Shoes are not recommended. May wear shoes before and after the retreat.
-Brush to wash clothes
-Mosquito coil, Mosquito Repellent (A lot of big mosquitoes)
-Candle, Lighter (May be provided there, but can bring just in case)
-Water bottle

Here is the map and the exact address of the place:


Thats all for the update. For any queries, please contact Dx @ 96913604 or Welsey @ 92275280.


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Xinhao said...

We are meeting at the Bus stop at Yuhua CC. 10am.

Anyone interested can call me too at 94301046