24 July 2007

Vassavasa Celebration @ Burmese Buddhist Temple

Dear all SPBS members,

The Management Committee of Burmese Buddhist Temple invites us to participate in the Vassavasa celebration in Burmese Buddhist Temple on 29th July 2007.

Details are as follows:

Date: 29th July 2007 (Sunday)

Time: 10.00am to 11.30am

Venue: Burmese Buddhist Temple (near Toa Payoh MRT)

*Will be meeting at Toa Payoh MRT station at 9am.

Click here to visit the website for the location of Burmese Buddhist Temple

Members & Devotees can join in the Offering Of Dana.

Orders for the saffron robes at $50 per set can be made at the temple.

Other gifts in kind are also welcome.


1 comment:

Xinhao said...

Today, my classmate asked who is Buddha? the other replied... Muhamad Ghandhi!!!

I didn't interfere their conversation, but I nearly fanited.

I think BS should do something to educate students...at least...what is Buddhism all about... or who is Buddha.