26 May 2007

Vesak Day at Palelai Buddhist Temple

Dear SPBS members,

Palelai Buddhist Temple has put together a series of activities to commemorate Vesak Day on 31 May 2007.

Some of these activities include exhibition corner, Dhamma books for free distribution, children’s artwork section, whole day video screening of Dhamma talks & biography of great meditation masters, soft opening of the library (Actual opening & commencement of loan will be in a month’s time) candle light procession, and a 8 preceptors retreat conducted by our Religious Advisor of SPBS – Venerable Ajahn Keng Kemako, with Dhamma talks scheduled to be given through the day.

Spend a meaningful Vesak day by joining this event to learn more about Buddhism and Dhamma.

Interested participants, please contact Ming Gen @ 96913195

Registeration is required for 8 Preceptors retreat:
Participants can either choose to check in at Palelai Buddhist Temple either on the 30 May 2007, 9pm or 31 May 2007, 6am.

The retreat will end on 31 May after the candle light procession at about 9pm.

Participants can either choose to leave Palelai end on 31 May at about 9pm or to remain in Palelai till the morning of 01 Jun 2007.

For those who are interested in the 8 precepts taking on Vesak Day, send the following details to our Society's email spbs.sss@gmail.com :

Handphone Number
Email Address

A program of the Retreat shall be send to you for those who are interested.

For those who had any queries about the Retreat, do contact Ming Gen @ 96913195

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