23 April 2007

Sharing Session by Staff Advisor

Dear members,

Mr Soh Kim Fai, Staff Advisor of SPBS will be chairing the sharing session. It will consist of Staff Advisor, Council Members, SPBS Alumnus and Ordinary Members. It will be a two way communication in the form of a discussion, where it provides the SPBS Alumnus and Ordinary Members to share their suggestions to improve the Society in various ways. Also, our Alumnus could make use of this opportunity to share with council members and Ordinary Members their past experiences such as in running the Society, organizing of activities and many other areas.

Date: 27/04/07, Friday
Time: 7pm (Registration begins at 7pm)
Venue: T1846 (Located beside the Convention & Exhibition Centre)

The aims of the sharing session are:
1: To allow establish rapport between the Staff Advisors, Council Members, SPBS Alumnus and Ordinary Members.
2: To engage the SPBS Alumnus and Ordinary Members through the Sharing Session.
3: To provide a channel for the parties involved to share their suggestions and past experiences to improve the Society.
4: Inculcate a sense of belonging for the Society in Ordinary Members.

All members including Associate members is required to attend.

Please take note of the details as stated above.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ming Gen @ 96913195 or Xin Hao @ 94301046.

We look forward to seeing you in the activities.

Thank you.

May you be well and happy.

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