15 December 2006

Santi Forest Retreat


I am very please to inform all of you on the incoming event for this holiday.
During this 3 weeks holiday, BS had organised an event to Malaysia.

Venue: Santi Forest Monaestery, Malaysia
Date: Sunday 17th December 2006
Time: 10 A.M.
Meeting Place: Jurong East Interchange

For any of you who dont know what is a retreat, its the best chance to participate. The purpose is to cultivate one's spritual being, and at the same time, can get the feeling of a monk (bhikkhu)'s everyday lifestyle. For your information, its a MINIMUM 7 DAYS retreat.
Also, there is a short-term ordination at the retreat on the first day.
So, do make use of this chance if you wish to be ordain.

What to Bring:
min 3 sets of clothes (do make sure have at least 2 sets of white attire = white shirt and pants)
Toiletres (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Toweletc)
Shampoo, Shower Foam/Soap
TORCHLIGHT (its very dark at night)
Slippers. Shoes are not recommended. May wear shoes before and after the retreat.

Some miscellaneous stuff:
Detergent, Brush to wash clothes
Mosquito coil, Mosquito Repellent (Alot of big mosquitoes)
Candle, Lighter (May be provided there, but can bring just in case)
Water bottle

Here is the map and the exact address of the place:

So that's all to update. For anything, or any queries, do contact:
Xinhao 9439 1046
Wesley 9227 5280

May you be well and Happy,
Updated by: Wesley

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