04 October 2006

Weekly Activites for 2nd Semester

Hi all,

Please take note that there are compulsory meeting of members on every wednesday, 3.30pm to 5.00pm @ Clubhouse. Here are the main activities organised:

Dhamma "Talk and Discuss" Session
Different Topics to be discussed and shared. Here are some of the topics:
- What does Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem mean?
- Key Events in the Life of the Buddha in Relation to Theravada Buddhist Festivals
- The Buddha's Teaching for Lay People
- Keeping the Buddha's Teaching Alive for Future Generations - the edicts of King Asoka

Article Sharing Session
- Reading on Books or watching videos
- Discover new knowledge through the sayings of masters and scriptures

Grand Puja

- Recollecting and reflection for the month
- Reflection on what should be done and what shouldn't be done
- Recollecting Important teachings
- Seeking forgiveness

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